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Making activity-Week 11 This is a function cube.  It has the symbol for multiplication, addition, subtraction, division, and two sides have a question mark for choice.  The students are to roll/flip the cube and solve their problem with the function that appears. If they roll a question mark, they can choose what ever function they would … Continue reading Making activity-Week 11

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Making Activity (Week 12)

For our making activity, we made an imprint of a capital and lowercase r.  Ideally we want to make a cutout for all the letters of the alphabet.  We thought this could be useful for early readers and writers to get them familiar with the letters of the alphabet, what they look like, and how … 

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RVA Arts

Richmond is a community full of art. Almost any part of town one walks through, there is art on every corner building. Just walking around VCU, there are murals on the sides of most corner buildings. There is also a lot of historical and cultural elements in and around the city. The Museum of Fine … 

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