Week 13


April 18 – 24

Learning Objectives:

  • To reflect on the relationship of the arts in supporting learning throughout the classroom environment.
  • To develop instructional activities and supporting materials for including the arts in primary curriculum.
  • To identify ways in which the arts can be used to support the VA Standards of Learning for children in the K-5 classrooms.

Class Discussion:

  • Discussion on Chapter 12 and Blog Prompts
  • Squishy Circuits



  • Art/Making Activity – Due 4/25 by class time
    • We are asking you to post the four sculptures you made with your group, and describe how each activity could be incorporated to teach a specific SOL.
    • Put post in category “spring18tedu411section901” and “MakingActivity18”
    • Tag post with “week13” and any other tags you think are useful
  • Daily art posts (minimum 3) – Due 4/24 by midnight
    • put posts in category “tedu411902”
    • tag posts with “DailyArt”, the Virginia SOL that inspired the art (ie. “science3.8”), and any other tags you think are useful
  • Final art project update – Due 4/24 by midnight
    • Write a blog post describing your work to date on your final art project
    • Provide pictures if applicable.  What have you done so far? What have learned so far in the process? What steps are left for you to complete the project?
    • Put post in category “spring18tedu411section901” and “FinalProject18”


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