Week 5


February 14 – 20

Learning Objectives:

  • To reflect on the relationship of the arts in supporting learning throughout the classroom environment.
  • To develop instructional activities and supporting materials for including the arts in primary curriculum.
  • To identify ways in which the arts can be used to support the VA Standards of Learning for children in the K-5 classrooms.

Class Discussion:

  • Discussion on Chapter 3 and Blog Prompts
  • PPT on digital fabrication



  • Read Chapter 4 – Due 2/19 by midnight
  • Art/Making Activity – Due 2/21 by class time
    • We are asking you to create a paper cube and upload the final product to your blog, and also post the digital file of your cube to you blog.
    • Put post in category “spring18tedu411section901” and “MakingActivity18”
    • Tag post with “week5” and any other tags you think are useful
  • Daily art posts (minimum 3) – Due 2/20 by midnight
    • Put posts in categories “spring18tedu411section901” and “dailyart18”
    • Tag posts with any of the Virginia SOLs that inspired the art (ie. “science3.8”), and any other tags you think are useful
  • Weekly blog post – Due 2/19 by midnight
    • The author talks a lot about the connection between creativity and student learning, in your opinion, how are intelligence and creativity related?  Are the notions of imagination and creativity captured within any SOLs you have found?  If so which ones, and in what ways?
    • Put post in category “spring18tedu411section901” and “weeklypost18”
    • Tag post with “week5” and any other tags you think are useful
  • Respond to 2 classmates’ posts – Due 2/21 by class time
    • Respond to two of your classmates’ posts. Describe a personal experience, either as a learner or a teacher, that you have had that supports or contradicts what they wrote?
  • Final art project update 1
    • Write a blog post describing your work to date on your final art project
    • Describe the inspiration for your piece. Provide pictures if applicable. How did you decide on your piece? What have you done so far? What have learned so far in the process? What steps are left for you to complete the project?
    • Put post in category “spring18tedu411section901” and “FinalProject18”


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