Week 6


February 21 – 27

Learning Objectives:

  • To reflect on the relationship of the arts in supporting learning throughout the classroom environment.
  • To develop instructional activities and supporting materials for including the arts in primary curriculum.
  • To identify ways in which the arts can be used to support the VA Standards of Learning for children in the K-5 classrooms.

Class Discussion:

  • Discussion on Chapter 4 and Blog Prompts
  • Papercraft


  • Paper craft using digital fabricator


  • Read Chapter 6– Due 2/26 by midnight
  • Art/Making Activity – Due 2/27 by class time
    • This week you will post the digital file and a digital picture of your group paper craft artifact from class this week.
    • Put post in category “spring18tedu411section901” and “MakingActivity18”
    • Tag post with “week6” and any other tags you think are useful
  • Daily art posts (minimum 3) – Due 2/27 by midnight
    • Put posts in categories “spring18tedu411section901” and “dailyart18”
    • Tag posts with any of the Virginia SOLs that inspired the art (ie. “science3.8”), and any other tags you think are useful
  • Weekly blog post – Due 2/26 by midnight
    • In this week’s reading, the author focuses on social studies and the arts, and offers several different frameworks from which to engage historical contexts. What art form do you feel would be the most useful to help you understand different historical contexts?  As a future educator, what art medium will you lean on most often to help students better understand a subject or lesson?
    • Put post in category “spring18tedu411section901” and “weeklypost18”
    • Tag post with “week6” and any other tags you think are useful
  • Respond to 2 classmates’ posts – Due 2/27 by class time
    • Respond to two of your classmates’ posts. How do you align with you classmates preferred method of art medium in their classrooms?  What art medium helps/helped you understand social studies?
  • Work on final art projects (Ongoing)
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