Week 7


February 28 – March 13**** No class on March 7 – have a great Spring Break

Learning Objectives:

  • To reflect on the relationship of the arts in supporting learning throughout the classroom environment.
  • To develop instructional activities and supporting materials for including the arts in primary curriculum.
  • To identify ways in which the arts can be used to support the VA Standards of Learning for children in the K-5 classrooms.


Class Discussion:

  • Anyone up for Rampages tech tech?
  • Remember daily art is once a day, during the week it is required, and should be three posts
  • Discussion on Chapter 6 and Blog Prompts
  • Hi Dr. Jones,
    I just wanted to send a thank you email for all your help with rampages in the Integrating the Arts class last semester. Today I subbed at XXX Elementary and the students were using edublogs.org, which looked and functioned just like rampages! It was their second day using the site, which functions for them as a blog where they can complete writing assignments for the class. Problems that we had as a class, like joining the right class section, or finding out how to navigate the site were the main problems I saw today. It was amazing to be able to be helpful to the students and answer their questions (as well as other teachers’ questions). I wouldn’t have known without your class, and today I was able to see some of the technology we learned in your class being implemented in a present day, elementary classroom in Richmond public schools.I wanted to make sure that I sent my appreciation because what I learned in the Art class really helped me on the job today. If we hadn’t used Rampages so extensively, I would’ve been lost with the students in my class.

    I hope you’re having a great semester!!

  • Art in Social Studies
    • Technology, Pedagogy, Content
    • Technology supporting art in social studies
    • Making within art in social studies
    • Digital fabrication within art in social studies



  • Read Chapter 5 – Due 3/12 by midnight
  • Art/Making Activity – Due 3/14 by class time
    • We are asking you to create a papercraft project which integrates an SOL and you could use in a K-5 classroom.
    • Put post in category “spring18tedu411section901” and “MakingActivity18”
    • Tag post with “week7” and any other tags you think are useful
  • Daily art posts (minimum 3) – Due 3/13 by midnight
    • Put posts in categories “spring18tedu411section901” and “dailyart18”
    • Tag posts with any of the Virginia SOLs that inspired the art (ie. “science3.8”), and any other tags you think are useful
  • Weekly blog post – Due 3/12 by midnight
    • In this week’s reading, the author focuses on the methods for gaining literacy skills while also fostering imaginative, creative, and critical thinking skills. How are art forms a kind of language?  In your opinion, what is the best mode for “playing with language”?  What is your preferred way to learn new language skills?  How can you adapt an artform to teach literacy while still adhering to a specific SOL?
    • Put post in category “spring18tedu411section901” and “weeklypost18”
    • Tag post with “week7” and any other tags you think are useful
  • Respond to 2 classmates’ posts – Due 3/14 by class time
    • Respond to two of your classmates’ posts. In your response, comment on the artform one might use in order to improve literary skills?
  • Work on final art projects (Ongoing)




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