My Website/Update

This entire post is dedicated to my website. Here’s the link. It’s a work in progress, which I hope to have done by Thursday. As far as updates go, I haven’t been updating the blog. During Thanksgiving Break I tried to do as little school work as possible and spend time with the family. That being said school’s back! So are the updates.  Basically putting the final touches on my paper, and taking it to the writing center this week for a peer review. I understand the purpose of updating daily, but when i’m writing, I find it a bit repetitive to post everyday about a minor thing I worked on regarding my Inquiry Project. But today, I felt that I made a significant stride. Being the last week, this is a bit challenging, but just one more big push!

Monday Update?!

What a doozy of a monday for writing. While I didn’t procrastinate, per say, I still found my rough draft to be difficult to write.  I knocked out the first half very quickly. Not to say my commentary was lackluster or fluffy, but I just had everything planned out. After getting through the first half and then connecting it into our dreamers, I stumbled upon trouble. I found it difficult to bring the dreamers into a conversation about my topic. Therefore I only have half of a rough draft. I’ll be going to the writing center sometime tomorrow (hopefully) and help address this issue. Have a great week everyone!

daily [weekly] update

For the past few days I haven’t been updating my blog, and that’s for a pretty simple reason. I haven’t been writing. Sometime during the week I kind of just got bored with writing my paper. I wanted my rough draft to be as close to the final as possible and that added a decent amount of stress. So I figured I had to take a break. Today I came back to the writing and I felt confident in my work. I wrote a decent amount and am confident that I can finish my rough draft by tomorrow.

Todays Update

Today I finally started writing my paper! I’m pretty excited because I believe the introduction to a paragraph sets a tone of academic integrity. A strong introduction, I believe, allows an entire essay to flow much more nicely. I think as I write this essay, i’m going to take it paragraph by day. I have a rough outline of what I want to do. With the time left in the semester I believe i’ve set myself up in a positive way to  create a cohesive paper that doesn’t lack commentary or sources.

Sunday Update!

The past two days have been eventful for my project. I felt that posting yesterday would be a bit redundant because the work i’ve done this weekend was just one long piece. The past two days I formulated an outline for my project. This includes a sort of map of how I want my essay to flow, along with ideas for the supplementary aspect of the FI project. The rest of my brainstorming stage of the project, I just want to find as many sources as possible to create a cohesive and informational piece. Thanks for reading everyone!

Friday Update

Today was more concerning than helpful. Unfortunately while looking for sources regarding racism in european countries and else where, I came across some starting news regarding an attack on the French capital. As i’m writing this post 18 people were killed so before I get into how I worked on my project, I just wanted to take a moment and send my thoughts out.

Like I said today was source gathering day, I really want to make my project as detailed as possible. Luckily I have a project that really no one else is doing, so I have an opportunity to bring a bunch of new information to my class and I would like to capitalize on that. So today I scoured for sources, whereas tomorrow will probably mark my initial thoughts of a rough draft.

What Did I Do Today?

Truthfully the past two days, I haven’t been blogging because I felt that nothing I was doing was severely contributing to my project. Everything I was doing felt half assed and with this assignment being such a big grade I wasn’t willing to cut corners. That being said today I feel as if I did something meaningful. For the past hour and a half/two i’ve been combing through the blog posts i’ve written throughout the semester and broke them down. I wanted to examine each post for what it was and how I could apply that to my topic, and hone the skills we’ve established. I found this to be a productive process. I feel better equipped to write my essay, and hope that in the coming days I will have a draft worth sharing.

Monday Update

Today wasn’t really an information intensive day for me. Over the weekend we were asked to look at others investigators assignments and comment on their posts. For my Monday update I looked at some of the posts my colleagues tagged me in and tried to take their thoughts and apply it to my project in a positive way. Furthermore I outlined the creative aspect of my project and tried to give myself a bit more structure. Today was more or less a regrouping day for me, just allocating time to not fall behind later in the week when more research is needed.

Other Investigators

Every time i’m asked to look into other’s posts I feel a bit lethargic in my thinking. It seems like most of my peers have such a better thought process than I do, and make me feel stupid. That being said I felt that I held up pretty well during this investigators assemble assignment.

Jazminj1– When I was first writing my blog post, I knew that it was going to be intensive but I didn’t realize the extent. In fact while I was typing it, I thought I was over-doing it, with the amount of information I was putting into a blog post. Seeing Jazmin’s post alleviated any kind of stress. Although too much information is never bad, I wasn’t sure whether or not I was on the write track and this helped.

Liam- When analyzing Jazmin’s post, I was glad that I hadn’t put too much into my post unnecessarily. When I saw Liam’s and it was shorter, I was glad that it was shorter. I found it to be short and precise. More importantly I found it to be effective. There was no fluffing and no use of “soap-words.” Reading this post reminded me that it’s better to have an average amount of material with great substance, opposed to a great deal of material with zero substance.

allysonbiersack– The next two peers I found from the thought vectors website. The first was allyson. I thought she did a phenomenal job with her post. It was very informative about her topic and tied very well into the dreamers she related it into. Very well thought post that I enjoyed reading. It’s interesting to see how the work in our class is so easily relatable to the work in other sections.

griffon– This was a different thought process to what I was used to. Each section was condensed into one paragraph and while the content was not bad I found it a bit difficult to follow. I felt that this particular project is forming in a much different way compared to mine maybe due to the subject. The topic of the dark web is super interesting though, and hopefully i’ll be able to follow up on the project and see where all of this potential is going.

Summation- I feel that my project is coming along nicely. I was initially worried that I wasn’t up to the standards of the class. More importantly I was worried that my project wouldn’t be able to form nicely. But the more I work on it, the more engulfed I am into this topic and I couldn’t fell better about it. I think i’m on a good path, and reading my classmate’s posts reaffirmed that.

Assembling the Investigators

Instead of doing four separate posts for this four part post, i’m going to put everything into one.

Part 1:

Despite being a rather large entity, the UEFA doesn’t post much about the “Say No To Racism” campaign. Instead they make videos and “market” them during various events. i.e. the champions league, world cup, etc. Looking at the sources I have I have two articles and three videos. If I had to categorize all of these five sources into one big group I would use the following tags: Racism, Internet, Soccer, Communication, and virtual marketing.

Part 2: Connecting The Tags

Racism: By far and away the biggest and most accessible tag to every post. Racism is at the core of each source. The sources are aimed to target racism in the soccer community, and each source acts as it’s own representative to a larger issue. Therefore, racism is the first tag on my list.

Internet: I believe in a previous blog post I had stated that the UEFA isn’t big on flyers or actual paper. Much of the platform is done virtually, ergo the computer, and everything is accessible through the internet. While scouering the internet and library I found little to no information about UEFA at the latter source. Therefore I believe the internet is a relevant tag, as that’s what where the UEFA campaign is found (and every source associated with this topic).

 Soccer: Like the previous two tags I feel that this is mandatory. While UEFA does not condone racism, much of their campaign is geared toward ending racism in the soccer community. After various acts of racial aggression towards “the beautiful games” constituents, UEFA had to step up. Therefore soccer is a tag, as it serves as a crux to the campaign.

Communication: Unlike the previous tags, I feel as if this is a bit harder to connect to the posts. I’ve said in a previous blog post/nugget that change comes from within, and I believe UEFA embodies this. In the video sources that I had presented, each breaks the fourth wall. While one has the UEFA general secretary, and others have players each video asks us to change. Each source tries to establish that we can only do this together. With that being said, I feel that communication is a key point and each video source helps me establish that point.

Virtual Marketing: Out of all of the tags that I have derived I think this is the most important. Not to the campaign, but to the class. As we look to connect our inquiry projects with the five dreams, this is where the most interaction would occur. As previously stated, the UEFA isn’t a flyer type of organization. Much of the work is done virtually. Although they use modern technologies to create the information, they also use it to bring the information to the populous. Many of the video sources I had brought to the table were played where there were large crowds. Several were played during the champions league, one was played at the World Cup in Brazil. Virtual market is key to the UEFA campaign. This is how they reach the most people, which the most current technologies. I’m sure some of the dreamers would have an opinion or two on this method.

Part 3: The Dreamers

In this section of the blog post i’d like to bring in the three dreamers which I have chosen into the conversation. These were chosen during the “Mapping my Dreams” blog post.

J.C.R. Linklider- One of the first things which always comes to mind when thinking about the dreamers is the Man computer symbiosis. The computers are only as important as the man gives it power. I find that this applies heavily to the UEFA campaign. In a time and age where computers rapidly becoming the most prominent tool for communication, UEFA really capitalizes on that. I believe LInklider would agree about my views on how UEFA spreads their message, and Linkliders symbiosis. The computer in the campaign’s case isn’t the video’s, it’s the soccer. More and more people flock daily to watch the worlds most popular sport and UEFA recognizes that. Therefore as long as people are demanding the soccer (or computer), man (no analogy, just us) will continue to gain more information about their campaign.

Ted Nelson- Personally I believe Nelson would be the dreamer to have the least opinions about the UFEA campaign. Much of his essay talks about the need for everyone to access a computer, and UEFA does just that. Instead of using the internet and technology to show cat videos, UEFA promotes a message which desperately needs attention. I believe that Nelson would approve of this because it does what the computer was originally meant to do. Spread information.

Doug Engelbart– Out of all the dreamers I find that Engelbart is the one i’m going to have the most difficult time fitting into this discussion. In his article Engelbart talks about the complexity of a computer. The deeper you go into the entity, the more complex it becomes. In a sense this could make sense with my project. When UEFA had started the “Say No To Racism” campaign it was simply a banner here, and an article there. Advertised at the games. Today however, there are videos being broadcast to millions, and more people everyday are pledging to combat racial discrepancies. I understand that it’s a bit of a stretch, but hopefully Engelbart will give me a pass and join my super interesting conversation.

Part 4: Piecing the Puzzle

Truthfully my investigation is in the early stages. While I have several sources, I feel that there’s so much more to the campaign than what I have explored and I cannot wait to explore that. As far as what I will claim in my project, I believe it will go something like this:

With it’s “Say No To Racism” campaign, the UEFA brings to light a key problem in our society. Racism in “The Beautiful Game.” Through various methods, the UEFA brings this information to the populous in a way the dreamers we have studied in class would approve.