Entry on Networking

The goal here is to consider keeping some separation between your networks.  Sometimes it is best to turn friends and family into business opportunities, but it can become complicate relationships quickly if things (business or non-business actions) go wrong.  Also, too much overlap can make the lines between work and family weird and might change (in a bad way) your work / life balance. The purpose of networking is always going to have your eyes forward to any type of opportunities (job or internship). It could be as simple as for example:

  • Get more clients (international clients as well) for your business.
  • Build a referral and public network to expand your resources.
  • Look for job prospects in order to keep opportunities open because the more experience you get, the better.
  • Increase your general skills, knowledge, and abilities by taking courses online maybe or participate to some forums, conferences.


So far, I am part of a private tennis academy that has a lot of professional players, being part of it gives a name and a structure behind me if I want to continue into this path. I am also part of a college tennis team, in the best division of the United States, this as well gives me an extra boost in terms of quantity of relationships possible that I acquire at the moment. I am very grateful and thankful to be part of those two “networks”. Without it I would have a really harder time finding opportunities in the United States or even back in France.

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