Reviewing Our Shady Past mentions an interesting question,  “what do we see as we look over this complexity in this civilization we have built?” We see the genius in our civilization, we see the next best invention and the next era the world will go through. The extreme complexity of the civilization gives society something to strive for. Some may focus on the next best technology source or the next scientific breakthrough. Others see how they will be able to lift the citizens of this complexity to help them share in these insights and realize their true potential. I don’t think the question is in what we see but rather what don’t be see as a consequence of the complex civilization.  The interpersonal complexities are overlooked, the societies growth is shadowed many times by the technological advancements that creates the extreme complexity.

I like the details and the many different angles and colors to look at on this sculpture, this can be my symbol for the complex civilization. The longer you look the more you see

4 thoughts on “Overlooking”

  1. I like how you wrote the shaded area: the consequences of technological advancement. I do believe that the more technology advancement there are, the greater the risks. Sometimes people see advancement as progress, but I can see the risks involved with creating more comfortable life.

    1. Thank you, the obsessions with the advancements and also including the comfortable life style like you say is a fine line.

  2. I feel as if individualism is a hugely important part of our society, although it is often overlooked. Not all humans are the same, not all artist are the same, not all people in the city of Richmond are the same. I love the complexity that exists in any society. Just in this city you can find artist who all have separate ideas of beauty, and business people who are all specialized in separate things. This idea of complexity leads to different ideas which makes our society unique.

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