Man-Computer Nugget

The Man-Computer Symbiosis offers a very realistic view of our changing world today. We have technology that allow skyscrapers to sway and bend with the rhythms of the most intense earthquakes and we have holographic keyboards. “The rise of technology has influenced our lives more greatly than we will ever know, and recognizing when our society could completely fall under the reigns of technology will be vital.” I have a love hate relationship with this particular line of the article, the approach of Man-Computer Symbiosis seem to me to be that society today moves to fast for us to realize how quickly we are falling into a technology dependent era. However this line sounds like it is imply that within this whirlwind of 21st century technology we will be able to stop look around and realized all of the old fashioned quaintness has vanished and everything is flashing lights and metal, so to speak. If we are really as caught up in our technologies as implied how will we notice when “…society could fall under the reigns of technology…”

I liked this picture to go with my nugget, it seemed like a cool depiction of what is to come.

2 thoughts on “Man-Computer Nugget”

  1. I think most of us already are aware of how technology dependent we’re becoming. You, yourself mentioned it, as did I when I commented on other nugget post. So, I’m sure there’s plenty more well aware of our growing technology dependence. As I mentioned in the other comment, I believe humans have a natural desire to accomplish things just to see if they can which will cause this to continue. I guess the only thing we can do to counteract becoming so dependent on technology is for each of us to stick to our grass roots with somethings like math, and scientific studies for example, or whatever may interest us most. As much as I love computers and new technology, technology dependence still a worrisome thing, in my opinion.

    1. Along with sticking to our interests as you mentioned I think that everyones support groups is another vital way to kind of curb that technology dependence. Being able to rely on something other than the digital age could be what tames the technology obsession.

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