Man-Computer Revision

Already being waist deep in the technological advancements it is hard to see the draw backs. The main focus in our modern society is to eliminate that human error and to stream line everything to make it as fast and efficient as possible. This to me is slightly unnerving when thinking about the error side of the technology based society. ideas are shared about the concern of the success of this symbiosis, if unemployment is high now what will happen when technology continues to take over the factory jobs. I liked how,  relates humans to computers by using the word tools.  It can put to ease some of my concerns about robots taking over the world and burning down all the trees. Linking humans and computers via a tool is great, it implies an equal partnership almost. The computers still need someone to operate them and we the humans need the computers for their recall ‘memory’ of sorts. has similar views focusing more on taking for granted the dependence we already place on our devices. I am addicted to my phone and certainly do take their availability throughout everyday for granted. With the more blogs I read I can almost begin to be convinced that the inevitable technology takeover that Licklider describes might not be as terrible as I once thought. talks about a world where computer are smarter than humans. I agree this is a strange thought but I feel a though it already exists. Calculators, computers and GPS were made to take the thinking away from humans. For the future advancement that she describes it makes perfect sense to me to have a technology run community, again to remove that human error. It could be an immensely good change or be a flop of a society makeover. faces similar concerns, I think that the social medias are included in this blog, furthering the point that technology pauses human interaction. Being able to make new friends worldwide is fantastic but how far can these connections last when people are unable to meet up in person to further human bonds. Technologies pause on human interaction should be enough to instill second thoughts in most peoples minds about the technological future.

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  1. With your point in how technology is taking over economy, do you think that’s something that us humans are allowing to happen? I mean for example isn’t it at McDonalds or something that they’re bring machines to electronically order a meal? This wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t allowed. Do you think technology has played some role in our economy?

    1. I definitely think it is something that we are allowing to happen. Most people now a days get so excited with the thought of the next best thing, the next advanced way to do simple tasks. Like the self checkouts at grocery stores now. I think technology is now playing a role in our economy, taking jobs away from those who need it or increasing the requirements for each job to keep up with the increasing technology. If we were to limit the depth to which we interact with technology on a daily basis our economy and societies around the world might change significantly.

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