Analyzing the Obvious

Concept Experience 2:

Why is fire hot? Why Does fire change color? and Why does fire smoke? are just a couple of the questions I asked and I asked Google a lot about fire. Google told me any and all information I could have needed to answer that question in full.  The best part about this computer interaction activity is there are no stupid questions. We all know that if I wear to walk up to any individual and ask why is fire hot, I would either be laughed at, given a very strange look and ignored. Computer allow for the anonymity, it is a security procedure to Google what you are curious about. Whether it be embarrassing, simple, obvious or complex there are no fears of judgement when consulting your computer.  You can feel like those five year olds that have a never ending stream of ‘but why’ questions for the closest person to listen to.  Overall I think this experience can enlighten us on exactly what we depend on our computers for and what we depend on our human interactions for.

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  1. You’re right! There really aren’t any stupid questions. The questions that most people would feel are stupid could most likely be subjective questions, which even AI machines have a difficult time to answer. And yet, the answers are there because we have gone past the programmed, “formulative” aspect of technology, and more into an area that, perhaps, only humans would answer, the subjective area.

    1. I tagged the links to the sites where I found the answers to my questions. The word in green are where the answers are.

  2. I like what you pointed out about computers being anonymous. It really does stand as a non shameful way to investigate inquiries that you wouldn’t want to otherwise ask aloud.

  3. Your post reminded me of this video

    I think I would feel a little judged of Google was a guy. Maybe that’s what we have to worry about with AI, they will laugh at us when we ask silly questions. But your the point about computer interaction vs human interaction interests me. We certainly do have different uses for them, but they both make up an important part in problem solving.

  4. I really like your approach on this assignment. Your exactly right about how we can ask the computer anything without being judged, however isn’t that the same type of relationship we should be having with all human beings? Don’t we think of the same things, however we don’t say them because we think they’re stupid? What do you think comes in between our relationship with the computer vs our relationship with other humans?

    1. We absolutely should have that type of relationship with humans however insecurities prevent many people from being able to ask those ‘stupid’ questions. Those insecurities are what comes between our human relationships which drives people to just reference the internet for the answers.

  5. This is the fifth post I’ve read and I find it interesting that everyone has mentioned using google as their go-to search engine for their questions, including me. I would’ve loved to see some answers to some of your questions!

  6. I got to this site while googling the phrase “analyzing the obvious” It is something many people have off and on commented about me… often in the sense of “why is there more or how could there be more than what is there?” It seems as I have often wondered if people are really so barren of curiosity. I don’t claim to be actually more curious but that is just what seems to come out of me in conversation countless times. Because I only had one person that I remember saying that straight out. You sound like you’re always analyzing or talking about what’s obvious. It is strange that I remember it, but even though I wasn’t insulted and it does not embarrass me, I still remember it clearly. Maybe I thought someone pointed out a key to who I am that I hadn’t seen before. I have come to believe that it is not a question of computers allow us to not look stupid, rather I really think that because of so much technology allowing us to rarefy ourselves into the perfect little spot we want to be in free time, and otherwise it is just work or social media. people don’t want to look deeper into anything. They really do think it is somehow trite uninventive or uninteresting to think past what is obvious. To them it is just obvious. There is just not enough time…

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