The Argument Experience

So Engelbart’s ideas are about concept networks as we were all told, the ‘nugget’ posted on the assignment page had made me struggle to focus on what our actual assignment is. However, I think concepts are implemented for the best reasons. I decided to Google the definition of concepts just for giggles and found a section of the explanation I find very inspiring, “…derived from specific instances or occurrences.” Going off of what I understand Engelbart to be saying about concept networks seems to be that they are like webs of thoughts. The spider in the middles id the genius scientist and as he or she comes up with more ideas (concepts) the web grows obviously creating that network of ideas. Providing a chain or link from the previous concept to the next allowing the best results to be made from all the investigations and hard work gone into building the original concept.

One thought on “The Argument Experience”

  1. “Webs of thoughts”: yes, this is spot on and nicely observed. All of (genius or not) spin out not just associative trails, but associative webs, with many interconnections that are not at all linear. Your image really does illustrate this well.

    The interesting thing is how the webs also become webs of webs. That’s where things get tricky, as it can be hard to find a center when we’re all spinning together. Spider webs don’t join together into meta-webs, but our thought webs–in a concept space–certainly do. What comes out of those meta-webs, those webs of webs? Well, for one thing, language. And the arts. And civilization, come to think of it. 🙂

    Even the Internet is a meta-web. It’s a network of networks. I’d love to see the image you’d create to illustrate that concept.

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