The government shutdown

Let’s talk about the government shutdown and how it has been prolonged for over 30 days and there has yet to be some type of resolution. I feel that this government shutdown is truly ridiculous. I do not see the reason why we need to have it shut down and have innocent middle class government employees jobless while congress and Trump twiddle their thumbs around arguing about a wall. What is really the point of this wall? To close off borders at the US and Mexican border? Try to stop Mexicans and Central Americans from crossing the border? Well I’m sorry to tell you that would not even stop immigrants from getting across the border. It may slow it down but just like how they get across now with the border control that we do have they will get across with a wall. Just like the Berlin wall this wall will definitely be torn down within years IF it is ever built. If anything this wall would drive more Americans to come together to stop the next president from doing what Trump is doing. Not only Americans but also Congress my hope is that now congress can now see what it is like to have somebody in the seat who does not need to be there. Also in 2020 I and my friends and everybody who could not vote back in 2016 will most definitely be voting for the person who can do their job correctly and on the behalf of the country not just their selves. Back to the fact that there are federal workers that are jobless right now. From a personal experience I can tell you it was truly a sad sight to see my own mother at home and not working. It is sad to think that people are out here not able to do their jobs over a wall. A lot of people depend on their paychecks to live their lives. It is not like we all have lump sums of money saved up in their bank accounts and can live without working. This is the middle class we pay bills on a regular and without a paycheck things get cut off, bills don’t get paid. It just is not fair for citizens who pay their taxes and work 8-10 hour work days to not be able to work because of a wall. It is sad to see that this is what our nation has come to when it comes down to politics.

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  1. Hey Kiara,

    This is a really good blog post, getting to the point and discussing the issues that are plaguing this country right now. I couldn’t agree with you more. It is selfish, and frankly, childish for the President of the United States to shutdown the government to build a wall that would not really do that much. I also likes that fact that you wrote about something that you have a personal connection with, your mother being a federal government employee with no paycheck. I think one thing you could have added was some other ramifications of the government shutdown, like food not being inspected correctly because the FDA is not conducting inspections, which is endangering the health of thousands of citizens etc. But really good job on this!

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