Today’s topic is about hatred. Now, I know you may be thinking oh boy a rant about homophobia and racism, well it is not a rant this is speaking out about what is happening and why it is important for me to talk about it. Now over the course of years homophobia has begun to take a turn for the worst and this is saying that now people are committing violent acts against people of the LGBT community. A good example is the mass shooting at the Orlando nightclub which killed 49 people this was the deadliest mass shooting in American history. I could never understand how somebody could have so much hatred for people just because of their sexuality. Its not like they are bothering anybody or committing illegal acts these are regular people just like you and me. To do such a senseless act just because you don’t like how somebody lives their life is just not humane. The question comes up of well you’re a christian how can you be okay with people being homosexual? My answer is people choose to live their life however they want to and it is not up to me how they should live it I can’t put anybody in heaven nor hell so it’s not my place to tell somebody that they are wrong for who they are. Just like my dad used to say “to each his own” which means people are going to do what they do. The next thing I want to talk about is racism. Growing up I have realized especially in high school, that people hate to talk about racism and it makes the room go silent and is uncomfortable to talk about, well why is that? Is it because the conversation could get heated or is it because it is not a good topic to talk about? Well, for me I used to be nervous to talk about it because talking about racism brings in the topic of slavery and then you have to back up everything you say with facts because there is always that one person who wants to contradict everything you say and the conversation goes from a conversation to a history lesson and then the whole purpose of the conversation has basically gone out the window. But as I got older I started to realize that people want to talk about it they just need ears to listen about what is being said so that we can see change. Now you might be thinking racism isn’t as bad as it used to be and things are a lot better. I’m not going to say things have not gotten better because they have but racism still exist and over the recent years is slowly becoming more apparent due to the social media contributing to make it known. There is racism going on in the US right now it may not exactly be the KKK but it is your everyday people. I have seen many post of people being harassed on social media especially Muslims, African Americans, Latinos/ Latina , and basically anybody of color. I don’t understand why people of a minority are the ones that are treated differently. We as a people need to stop hating each other and putting these one sided stories out there of people of different race. In my eyes the human race should only be the one that reigns supreme. Spread the love people and stop all the hatred towards people.

6 thoughts on “Hate

  1. The talk about racism and homophobia is a talk that needs to be had more. There is so much stigma around these types of talks like you said everyone seems to get uncomfortable or silent because no one talks about it as often as they should. People are uncomfortable with topics as serious as those. I also understand you when you say that we should all just love each other, or treat each other with respect. I will never get why someone’s race or who someone chooses to love will bother other people to the point where they feel the need to want to kill or attack someone else. It’s so stupid and the anger and fight over it is so useless, let people live how they want and just let people live period.

  2. I could not agree with you more. There is a lot of discrimination going on within our society today and we must make a change. There are many of us who are trying hard every day to make the world a better place to promote justice, eliminate hate, and prejudice acts. What some people fail to realize is that in order for a problem to be fixed, we must address the issue, get to the root of the problem, and not beat around the bush. Then the next step is to get many people on one accord and continue the fight for justice by any means necessary.

  3. Growing up I learned the word “hate” is a strong word and should not be used as frequently. Instead, I use the word “dislike” because it’s less harsh. I think that humans are incapable of hate and many people misunderstand the word “hate” therefore they use it. As you mentioned, people hate talking about racism and it’s crazy to me that it still exists. I think the reason why it still exists is because people tend to ignore it, therefore, it’s not being solved. Just because we don’t speak of it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. In conclusion, people need to understand the real meaning of the word “hate” because if they did, they would not use it as often.

  4. It is crazy to think that people are so uptight about the fact that people cannot help who they fall in love with or are attracted to. I definitely think that the idea is becoming more normalized, especially in areas like Richmond, but there will always be people who are against it. It really blows my mind that when bringing up these topics, Christianity is also brought up. Christianity does not say that people are not allowed to love who they love, just like if you are Christian you aren’t supposed to have tattoos and a lot of piercings. I have tattoos and so many piercings but that does not decrease my devotion towards God. We seriously need to stop with all of the hate crime that happens daily and make our country somewhere that everyone should feel safe.

  5. I loved reading this blog. I completely agree with your opinion on how sick it is to “hate” somebody just for their beliefs. Everybody should be comfortable being the individual that they are. Not one person in the world has the right to talk down to a gay/ lesbian/ bisexual OR minorities. It is completely mind boggling to me as to how there are still people in 2019 who are racist. I feel like ever since Trump has become President and has riled up everyone on the “Trump Train”, it has given them confidence to speak out on evil things. However, there is also a rise on the other side. We need to stick together and power over the negative things said about our fellow Americans. We must kill them with our kindness and show haters how to be an ethical American, unlike our crazy president! 🙂

  6. I completely agree with this! At this point in time I really wish that we could move past degrading people because they are different than you. To me it does not make sense why someone would want to take the time out of their day to talk about a group of people negatively. I have very strong feelings about LGTBQ+ discrimination because I have many family members and friends who a part of that community and it angers me to know people hate them because of who they love or who they want to be. There really is not a reason to talk badly about someone if they are not affecting your life in any way. I have never been able to comprehend that concept.

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