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For a woman of color we all grew up two ways either you had natural hair or you got a perm. I had the chance to do both. When I was younger I had natural hair until I was about six years old. In case you want to know what a perm does to a black girl hair it basically makes the hair go from curly to straight. Why would you do this to yourself? Well being natural your hair can straighten but if you want it to stay straight for a while like three weeks to a months a perm was the way to go. Plus it was very convenient for my mom and made it so she didn’t have to do my hair everyday before I went to school. But the thing is over the years I began to find out that putting the chemicals that are in perms weren’t good for growth of your hair. Turns out perms can thin out your hair and if left in too long can take your hair out completely. So, my freshman year of high school I decided to go natural. What does that mean, well for a whole year I did not get a perm instead I would just wash my hair and style it for a whole year. Also means that I let my hair grow out and eventually when my natural hair was long enough and there was more curly hair than straight I would cut my hair. The process was not easy to get to the point where I’m at now. The first 6-8 months were the hardest because also to be natural putting a lot of heat is not good for the curls either so I had to find alternative styles to do to keep my hair looking publicly decent. The best way I found out how to do different styles is YouTube come to find out there were many YouTubers who did transitioning natural hair styles so it took away some of the stress when I got bored with the styles that I was doing. As the months went by doing the different styles got easier and easier then it was time to cut it off. I’m not going to lie it was most definitely the scariest moment to cut my hair for the fear that I would look like a boy. Luckily, my beautician cut off the straight ends of my hair and I had a mini fro. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and once she styled it that made me feel even more confident in myself. Being that I went natural I have learned to really love my curls for what they are and embrace that afro-centric look and embrace that my black is beautiful because many times girls including myself do not like how we look and tend to compare ourselves to other people. Changing my hair back to natural was probably the best project that I have done because it has changed me as a person. Lastly, I want to end this blog on a good note and say that everybody is beautiful in their own way and it is time to spread more peace, love, and positivity.

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  1. I definitely felt this blog on so many levels. I love the fact that you are proud of your kinky curls, because at one point in time I felt just like you. Not feeling as confident because my hair did not look like others or wasn’t long enough, but I learned to become confident and comfortable with my hair. I use to get perms when I was younger and that mess would start to burn. My mom ended up allowing me to go natural I don’t know why but I’m glad she did. I learned how to style my hair and be confident. I also like how you ended your blog with a positive not by spreading peace and love to others.

  2. I commend you on letting go of the perm life! Embracing your natural curls is a great way to represent your confidence. There are many people that still find comfort in hiding behind harsh chemicals to avoid dealing with their natural hair. I believe that your hair in its natural state is your crown. You should do anything to protect it. I have always been natural but I have just recently been making an effort to take care of my hair so that it not only grows but also looks as healthy as can be. I too enjoy watching Youtube videos that will guide me in my natural hair journey. Also, protective styles such as braids, sew-ins, and weaves are a fantastic way to grow and protect your crown. I have to admit, they are my all time favorite go to’s. Although recently I have been obsessed with twist outs and might I just say, they have been a life saver this winter because it not only keeps my curls looking bouncy, but it keeps me from having to wet my hair in the morning which is perfect because a wet head on a cold morning is never good. Im sure you sharing your natural hair story will effect your readers in a positive way and they too may follow you and start their journey.

  3. I love this blog. Thank you for stating your opinion but not bashing anyone who gets relaxers. I like how you had the chance to experience natural hair and relaxed hair. I currently get relaxers and I have been getting them for years now. It honestly depends on your hair type if it will cause your hair to break off over time. Also, if you get relaxers too close together, that can cause your hair to break off. Recently, I have been thinking about going natural to experiment more with my hair and see how much it will grow if I go natural.

  4. I’m so happy that you finally embraced your curls. I can definitely relate to this blog. For most of my life, I’ve had my hair curly, my hair type is 3b curls. Growing up black I heard things like “you have nice hair for a black girl” and “Are your curls real?” a lot. I get comments like that almost every day. In middle school, I used to straighten my hair a lot to fit in and because people seemed to love my hair straight. Whenever I would have my hair straight I would get questions like ” do you have extensions on?”. Also, many people would touch my hair and scalp to see if my hair is real. In conclusion, as the years passed I learned to love my hair curly, but one thing that hasn’t changed are the annoying comments.

  5. My whole childhood went by in perms, keratin treatments, and any other chemicals to make my hair straight. My mom had thin, soft, straight hair. I was the exact opposite. When I went to middle school, I began to care about my appearance and my hair. For 3 years I grew out my chemical ridden hair and chopped it all off. All that was left was my natural curls, that are healthy and beautiful. Its honestly such an awesome journey. Recently, I chopped ten inches of my hair off during exam week of last semester after watching Nappily Ever After.

  6. I loved this post a lot. As a white girl, obviously I don’t experience theses types of issues with my hair. But it is nice to get some insight on what is such a common thing among WOC. I think it’s beautiful that you found the confidence to embrace your natural hair and find the beauty in it. In a society so pressed on looks, we often don’t find ourselves confident with what we were born with. Straight hair never has to be the “norm”, and I’m glad you could find that within yourself.

  7. Totally love this post. Black women get so much crap bombarded at them, yet they’re a critical part of this country. White men are obviously at the top of the privilege scale in this country, but then it’s white women, then black men, and lastly black women. Letting your hair be natural must have felt so empowering! I think your hair is beautiful, but I mostly just love when all women can do something natural that feels good to them! Loved this post! 🙂

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