Imagine that you are a freshman in college who said they wouldn’t get into a relationship when they first get to college. Now, you’re at this party and this guy comes up to you and he ask for your number, you don’t think too much of it and so you give it to him. Fast forward a few weeks later and now you start hanging out with that person. Eventually you and that person form a bond and you tend to get closer as time goes on. Then one little hiccup comes your way and your friends bring to your attention. So, boom now you’re popping up on that person to see what was going on. This then leads into an argument and then the road to a relationship gets fuzzy. It is now October and you’re two months into your freshman year of college with a new boyfriend, crazy how time flies in college. Just like any other relationship there are heated arguments and pop ups over the course of the month over petty stuff. Looking back on it I don’t know how he even dealt with me and my friends. Lesson learned from here is don’t let third parties dictate how you go about your relationship problems. So, now it is November and somehow you are still with this boy, then Thanksgiving comes and that is where the problem occurred. Imagine telling your best friend your deepest darkest secret then a complete stranger throws it back in your face. This was a rough time and then December came there was finals and another rocky bump in the world of my relationship. This is not just about my relationship this is a life lesson that I think can help out a lot of people. For all my people who say they came to college to find a husband or wife don’t make that your primary focus going into college it will lead you off track and you can easily find your grades slip right in front of your eyes. Number two if you don’t think you can balance a relationship while being a full time student and having a social life don’t get into one because it is not going to make your life any easier especially if there are relationship problems always occurring. Lastly, number three do what makes you happy, whether you really like that person and they really like you and you think y’all can make it work, go for it but the moment you feel like you’re losing yourself it’s time to step away and reevaluate because for one thing I learned college is that it is stressful and then you add on a relationship along with family issues then you got yourself in a pickle that is going to be tough to get through. That is just a little bit of advice for anybody out there that is contemplating on getting themselves involved into a relationship while in college. Though I am not bashing the idea of being in one it is just a lot of work and responsibility for somebody to take on while in school. I am a person who thinks finding love is important because it can make you a better person but it can also bring the uglier side out of you. Be careful with who you get involved with and don’t lower your standards for anybody and know your self worth. The last piece of advise that I got from a good friend is you have to love and be happy with yourself before you can love anybody else. So my tip to everyone love yourself first and be happy with who you are. Be blessed.

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