Spring break is coming up and I am so excited to finally be on a break. This semester has really been kicking me in the butt with the amount of work I have been doing. This semester started out with minimal work load to now I have a test Wednesday and Friday. Not only do I have to study for that but I have to complete my 8 hours of ALEKS and do a biology lab paper that is due the day of my math test. Let’s go ahead and add on to the list that I have a reading to do for globe and also look into some sources for this research paper I am doing for focused inquiry as well and what’s a break without chemistry homework and not to mention a chemistry test the week I get back from spring break. Oh how I love college. I can only imagine what I would be like right now if I had kept psychology on my schedule for this semester. Truthfully, even though I have one heck of a work load right now I am grateful that I even get the opportunity to be in college. Many people forget that college is not something that everybody can be in due to financial reasons, personal reasons, or whatever it may be. It is a privilege to be in college right now and eventually it will be a must to go to college. For I say this because the annual salary of somebody who did not go to college versus the annual salary of someone with a bachelors degree is a big gap. It might even get to the point where a bachelors degree is not enough and jobs will require a masters degree. I try not to think about this very much because it is sad that a piece of paper is going to define how my life could go. But nevertheless I’m here and I must say I enjoy being in college so far. There is never a day where I wished that I was at home and not in college. The experiences that I am getting while being here are really life changing and I can truly appreciate the lessons that it is teaching me. But I must say the stress of college is relentless. There is always work to do and there is always some sort of event to do and then it seems like you don’t have enough hours in a day to do anything. You’re always tired, the work continues to pile up, there might be a family issue going on at home, and you’re trying to find orgs to join so you can network yourself and make new friends. You are doing this all while trying to keep your grades up so you can apply for more scholarships for the next year. All of this is going on and you’re still trying to keep your sanity. But nevertheless I am still grateful for the opportunity that I am granted of being in college in the age that I am in because my ancestors fought for my right to attend school and I am most definitely going to take advantage of my time in college. One last thing make sure you are spreading peace, love, and positivity.

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  1. I am also more than ready for a break and I am very excited to have time to unwind, de-stress, and breathe next week. This semester has been a lot more rough compared to last. I have found that the work load has been a bit more overwhelming. I have also not been as on top of my work as I was last semester, and I hope that will change after spring break. These past few weeks have been so hectic and I have also found myself under a lot of stress because of it all. But with that said, I am glad I am here and I will keep pushing through to get a degree. It seems that in this world, it’s a lot better to do nothing and have a degree than struggle for work without a degree.

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