It’s getting close to the end

So we are back from spring break and the load of work is so much more than what you would expect. High school most definitely did not prepare me for the amount of work I have to do. But I am not blaming my old school system for what they did not prepare me for. I must say being a HPEX pre-med major most definitely can wear me out with the amount of work they give in these math and science classes. The amount of studying I do does not compare to the amount of work I do. Now it seems that I am always busy and once I start this job it won’t get any better. But that is okay because with good time management and self care I can make it through this semester. Honestly I cannot see how some people have two full time jobs along with keeping up with school work I only volunteer and am apart of two orgs and my plate is basically full with those along with my school work. But I most definitely commend whoever has to do it in college because it is definitely a lot of work to do. If anybody is reading this and has some advice in how I can find some good ways not to stress myself or go into overload please let me know. Not to say that I am stressed out but I can definitely feel the pressure coming to finish out this semester stronger than I did last semester and that is something I most definitely will achieve. The only thing that I wish I was more consistent on right now is reading the bible and going to church more often. I do have a church home back in my hometown but up here in Richmond I don’t. If anybody knows a great church in the area please comment down below. But other than that I cannot complain because this is college and this is what I signed up for and like I always say to my friends time waits for no one. That means that this time we have in college is not going to be a long time but really a short one. Freshman year is almost over and I must say this transition was not the easiest there was a lot to learn and a lot to experience within such a long time. For me I’m going by my favorite motto that my mom would always say “you better get right, or get left”. That is one thing that sticks with me while I am here in school to keep pushing myself through this semester. I got three more years to make myself the best I can be and to build myself so when I apply to medical school there is no question of if I belong there.

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  1. You are so positive! I LOVE IT! Coming from me, I am actually struggling so much this semester. I can not seem to work as hard as I did last semester and my time management skills are so bad. Im not sure what is happening to me because I am usually so on top of everything and care a lot about what I am doing but I think I am so brain dead from last semester I am just done with school work. I am for sure going to try and change it though. I live in Richmond, obviously I go to school here, but my actual house where my parents live and such is in Richmond and I used to go to this church called Hope. Its more of in the west end so if you do not have a car, do not walk HAHA. But if you do or have someone to drive you I strongly recommend it. It is super casual and just a very friendly, positive, and God centered environment. I really hope you find a way to get rid of your stress, whenever I am feeling really stressed or overwhelmed, I always meditate. it is nice every now and then to just relax and watch tv but your mind needs to rest and relaxation too. Take time for your health and always be happy! I need to take that advice as well! Hope everything gets better and you figure it all out!

  2. It is crazy to believe how fast time flies. I feel like it was just yesterday we were on winter break. I volunteer and work, I have tried my best to stay connected in student orgs but it can get a bit difficult with my schedule. My best advice for time management is that I list out my assignments in my agenda and next to it I write when I am completing the assignment. Writing the time/day I am completing my homework holds me accountable. My favorite thing to do is cross out the assignment when I finish, sounds silly but it makes me feel accomplished. I hope my piece of advice helped!

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