As you all may have seen all on social media the argument of HBCU v PWI has been going for years. If you don’t know well let me break it down to you right quick. An HBCU is a Historically Black Colleges and University, a PWI is a Predominantly White Institution. This means that the majority population of that school is either black or white. Now the argument here is that some people think that HBCU’s are better or PWI’s are better. A lot of arguments that I have seen are based mostly on the cultural difference, and the way the school treats their students after they graduate. For example at one might say well at an HBCU I don’t have to white wash myself or feel like I’m the minority at my own school because I’m surrounded by people that look just like me. A person arguing for a PWI may say this isn’t about being “woke” this is about collaborating with people other than black people. It really all depends on who you talk to. This conversation really comes up within black people and can get heated too. My opinion is regardless of where you go a degree is a degree and as long as the school you go to makes you feel at home there is nothing wrong with where you go. This whole argument about HBCU v PWI is really just something people use to stir up the pot. In the end your school is your school we all chose them for many different reasons. Main thing is the uprising of black excellence. We all are out here trying to secure a bag and however we get there whether it be at HU or UVA doesn’t matter. As long as you are out here being successful in whatever field you choose and not trying to be something you’re not its all good in my book. I love it when I go on twitter or instagram and see post about people graduating with their law degrees, nursing degrees, business degrees, and PhD’s because it really gives me hope that my dreams can be my reality and with hard work I will make it there and be a successful black woman. For all of you out there that want to spread nothing but negativity and bad vibes keep that to yourselves because misery loves company and I’m too blessed to be stressed out with some mess. Remember to spread peace, love and positivity. Be blessed.

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