The death of Nipsey

Many of you know that the artist Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed recently. If you don’t know who he is look up Lauren London and then you’ll get that oooh that’s him moment. It was shocking to hear about his death for me because I just watched a video on him and Lauren London the day before. Once I heard the news my first question was why? Why would somebody shoot and kill such a great person. From my understanding Nipsey was from the neighborhood where he rides for his own and partook in gang banging back when he was younger (correct me if I’m wrong). But as he got older and started to establish himself as a real artist he saw that his community needed help and somebody to drive them to success. Nipsey was that person. Nipsey Hussle was a man who saw the greater good and wanted to bring change to his community. It bothers me to know that such a revolutionary person could be killed in such a selfless way. Not only did he leave his primary family behind he also left children and his long time girlfriend who is also the mother of one of his children behind as well. If you all follow social media Lauren London put out a video that brought “chills” to some people who watched it. Personally, I did not watch it but I can only imagine what she said and how much hurt and pain was behind what she was saying. Nipsey was her best friend, soulmate, father of her child, lover, etc. How would you feel if you lost somebody that near and dear to your heart? I know for me I would be in shambles and nothing but prayer and time could heal such a womb. Over the past few days more and more development of the death of Nipsey and his funeral progressed. They are going to hold his memorial service at the Staples Center, a lot of rival gangs have come together in peace to honor the life of Nipsey, and a lot of calls to action have been put out there because this isn’t just another rapper killed in cold blood this was somebody who was bringing change to his neighborhood. How many people do we know did or is doing what Nipsey was doing before he passed. If you heard videos of him talking to me he sounded like a gentle giant who has seen a lot of things and has done a lot of things but as he became more of an adult and started to see the power of leadership he realized what he could do, to not only make a name for himself but a legacy. Hearing the video of one of Nipsey’s friends saying why he was shot was honestly interesting. The friend was saying how this guy that Nipsey knew came up to his store and supposedly Nipsey called him out saying whatever he did wasn’t right and he was a snitch. Then you have other people who say it was the government who really had the hit out for him. Now why the government? Well a lot of people think that the government is after all the black people they think can be a threat to them in terms of power, changing how welfare and poverty is, etc. Honestly, we don’t know the real truth behind the death of Nipsey but what I do know is killing that man has really left an impact on many people across the country. I have seen pictures of memorials, shrines, t-shirts, tattoos you name it I’ve seen it. His death is something that I would maybe even compare to Tupac or Biggie because of the way that people are going about his death. Now I would never compare anybody else’s death to Tupac or Biggie but just the impact that Nipsey had needs to have some credit next to it. But with all that being said make sure you give those you love their flowers while they’re living. Finally remember to tell your loved ones that you love them.

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