It’s almost that time

It’s almost that time to say goodbye to school and hello to summer. Comment down below what your plans are for the summer. For me I have two jobs for this summer and I cannot wait to start working again. Having two jobs is exciting to me because I’m a hard worker and not to be cocky but the lifestyle that I try to live is expensive. What I mean by that is going to the big parties at the clubs that I pay for, going out to eat because food on campus isn’t that good, and even getting lyfts to go places. Not only that I pay bills so that really takes a toll on my pockets. But this summer I am definitely going to learn to save my money. I need to save for my spring break 2020 trip and I need to save for a car. I usually don’t like telling that part because I don’t like people knowing that but at the same time it is what it is. Having these two jobs will really make me learn to balance out working with school work because not to mention but I am taking a summer class too. So this summer not only will I secure the bag but I will be teaching myself time management and money saving. You would think that the summer coming that I would take a break from working but I won’t. The break that I want will come once I get into my career and that won’t be for a while. But until that time comes I will be working back home and here in Richmond. During the summer it’s not just going to be about working I’m still going to have fun just not all day everyday because I have other priorities. Plus being back home I don’t really talk to anybody but a few people. Not to be antisocial but not everybody is my type of friend. Being in college has really taught me that. You learn who people are when they get around you at certain times. For example, you have the friend that you solely go to parties with and then you have the friend you know is going to be there when you up and down. The one that is there when you’re not only up but down is your real friend. The friend that is there when you and your boyfriend have a big argument and she is there as a shoulder to cry on is your real friend. Not only has college taught me the true meaning of friendship but it also taught me how to be by myself. This isn’t to be antisocial but being by yourself to really reflect and unwind is a good thing. Being around thousands of people a day can really make you feel like a little fish in a big pond so finding that relaxation time is definitely a good thing. Nevertheless despite having all these lessons get thrown at me at once college isn’t that bad and I can’t wait to have my car and money set aside for my spring break trip.

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  1. It sounds like you are going to have a really busy summer, and I can definitely relate to that. My parents want me to come home and work full time during the week, however my boyfriend lives about 40 minutes in the opposite direction of Richmond. I plan on visiting on the weekends, which will definitely leave my schedule super booked. However, I am excited to go on vacation and get a break from school. My parents rented a beach house in the outer banks so I get to invite a bunch of friends to go with us during the Fourth of July week. Even though I will be busy I know I will be much happier and less stressed.

  2. That sounds like so much! I know you can do it though, it’s really nice to have a goal to look forward to completing and having tasks to get to that goal. I am going on a beach trip with my friends as soon as school lets out for about a week and then after that, I am working for my aunt for 10 weeks, which is basically the rest of the summer. She needs me to watch her children while she is at work and will pay me a certain amount of money at the end of each week. The idea of working for family and having her pay me for it is odd to me because I have never done that before, but I’m not complaining. I’m just excited to use her pool and see her brand new house she just bought last fall, apparently it’s huge? My mom likes to exaggerate though, I don’t know, I’ll see.

  3. I can relate to this post a lot. I am starting the Summer off right with my friends from school in the Outer Banks at our friends beach house. Once I head back home to Virginia Beach though, I also plan on working 2 jobs for the Summer. I need to make a lot of money also. I love to spend money on clothes, food, and other things. Also next year, I will be living in a house in Oregon Hill with my friends, and I need a lot of money for rent and everything else. I will be trying my best this Summer to save my money.

  4. Your summer sounds like it’s going to be so busy! Unfortunately I’m going to be busy working all summer (school ain’t cheap guys) but I’m also going to be doing some fun stuff too! After finals, my family and I are going to Europe for a late graduation trip which I am super excited about. I am also doing a show at the Dogwood Dell which will take up a lot of my summer as well. So after that I will really only have one or two free weeks before we begin the fall semester but I’m really excited about this break!

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