As you all may have seen all on social media the argument of HBCU v PWI has been going for years. If you don’t know well let me break it down to you right quick. An HBCU is a Historically Black Colleges and University, a PWI is a Predominantly White Institution. This means that the majority population of that school is either black or white. … Continue reading HBCU vs PWI


Spring break is coming up and I am so excited to finally be on a break. This semester has really been kicking me in the butt with the amount of work I have been doing. This semester started out with minimal work load to now I have a test Wednesday and Friday. Not only do I have to study for that but I have to … Continue reading College


Imagine that you are a freshman in college who said they wouldn’t get into a relationship when they first get to college. Now, you’re at this party and this guy comes up to you and he ask for your number, you don’t think too much of it and so you give it to him. Fast forward a few weeks later and now you start hanging … Continue reading Lessons


Today’s topic is about hatred. Now, I know you may be thinking oh boy a rant about homophobia and racism, well it is not a rant this is speaking out about what is happening and why it is important for me to talk about it. Now over the course of years homophobia has begun to take a turn for the worst and this is saying … Continue reading Hate