Writer’s Memo

Since the first draft I have spent a good amount of time into doing this Op-Ed. To give a good estimate about four to five hours a day, about two to three a day. I decided on this topic as soon as I found out what this Op-Ed had to be about. What is going on with immigration in this country. Some of the topics that I rejected were asylum seekers, and ethics and practices of ICE detention Facilities. This topic evolved from what I knew with what the news told me to more detailed of the topic that I chose. For example I learned that there was more children in these detention centers than I thought.

Some of the revisions that I made were adding in the summaries and analysis for each of my sources. In which I gave a general idea of what the source was about. The next thing I added was a visual element. I picked this picture because it really added a great effect to my paper. It really drew me in to look at and I feel like it is a good fit for my paper. Some of the suggestions that I received were to add in what I already said above and that was about it. These suggestions came from an individual from my peer review group. I chose to use just about all of the suggestions for they fit with the point of what I am trying to get across. Before my paper even starts I put the image right before the reading started because I know as a reader pictures make me want to read and the beginning paragraph goes along with it very well.

The global aspects that I am most confident about is the fact that immigration is a problem in the US and it needs to be dealt with accordingly. The global aspects I am most concerned about is the ideas of how we need to fix these problems for people may not agree with what I proposed. The local aspects that I feel the most confident is that people have been hearing about what is going on and that there needs to be some sort of relief. A local concern is that people don’t understand what I am trying to get across.

If I had more time to work on this essay I would most definitely go more in depth with my sources. It would take me an additional probably week or two to finish due to the amount of information about there about the immigration crisis we are going through with these children stuck in these detention centers. Some of the feedback I would like to hear would be the organization and if you think the image fit the text of what I was trying to persuade my audience.


























Immigration holding place or Prison?


Imagine being a 6-year-old child who does not speak any English, you are in a foreign country in which you came voluntarily to get to a better life. Imagine you get to this country of supposedly great new things and you end up in a what looks like jail. While you are in this detention center you are with about 500 other children that look similar to yourself. The guards barely treat you like the human being you are, it is freezing cold, and you are malnourished. Now, it has been about 4 or 5 months or more and you have not seen your parents or loved ones since either leaving your country or being separated at the center then all of a sudden you get to see them after this long time of being by yourself in this detention center. This image you are getting is not made up it is the circumstance that hundreds of kids are going through right now at our US detention centers for illegal immigrants. The problem is that over 400 of those children who were supposed to get reunited with their families have not been reunited yet through the Trump administration Family Separation: hundreds of migrant children still not reunited with families in US by: Patrick Greenfield.

The Trump administration was given until a certain date to release majority of the immigrants to their parents or sponsors but over 400 were not. This has become a major problem for the children and also the parents and family members of those children. Many children have been reunited with their families and barely even recognized their own parents Some young children reunited with their parents don’t recognize them report by: Jacqueline Thomsen. This is a huge problem because these children are held in these detention centers so long that their brains have tricked them into thinking that their parents are not their parents. Some of the effects of this problem have been kids not recognizing parents, and people are starting to realize that the government is trying to hold the people captive for an “illegal crime”. These kids are now living without their parents for months trying to reach asylum of some sort just to be able to stay here.

The fact that children have to be put into a detention center as if they are a criminal is just wrong. The government needs to reevaluate what they are doing about this so-called issue of illegal immigrants. To have so many children living in one place without parents or family members and then they get mistreated is inhumane. These children are coming to the states for at least one of two reasons: to escape violence back in their home countries or to live a better life and chase the “American dream”. Personally, as an American I feel ashamed to even come to terms with what our president and government are doing about this. I hope the government will come up with better ways of treating immigrants that come here. Putting humans in what are like cages and ice boxes are not morally correct that is very sad. The government should try to make camps for families and children that come here because most of them do not even speak English and most of them are told to go to the border patrol so that they can get in touch with whoever is in the United States for them to live with an be able to get some type of asylum. It is unfair that people are going through such a harsh process just to live here.

Our system here is truly corrupt and broken when it comes to immigration. We treat people who are fleeing for better lives like trash just because of where they come from it is not right. Not only that but we have over 400 children stuck in detention centers crying at night for their parents trying to figure out what they did wrong. The government is not doing what it should be. These children could have psychological and emotional problems growing up such as separation anxiety because of the system they were put through because of our government. As a military brat I feel their pain because I have lived months without seeing my father. To be 5 or 6 years old coming from another country has to take some type of toll on their psychological state of being because then they are put into a place that is similar to a prison. These kids did not come here to be put into cages they do not even know what they did was illegal or wrong. So why put children through something so dramatic and drastic as this? Why put a little girl in court expecting her to be able to defend herself on why she should stay in this country? What is the point of being a country built off of immigrants if we do not welcome any new ones? Our government has a lot of work to do and it needs to start soon. For the research has shown from Making up for lost time: the experience of separation and reunification among immigrant families by: Cerola Suarez PhD, Irina L.G. Todorova PhD, and Josephine Louie M.C.P., M.Ed., that many parents who have been reunited with their children have trouble imposing their authoritative figure on their kids for have been apart from their child so long the child seems to have forgotten who their parents really were to them before they got separated. What will the US government do about this? How can the US citizens help influence the elected officials that are in a part of our government?






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Summaries and Analysis

Summary Source #1:  When it comes to separation of families at the border and others separated at the centers the act of separation from a parent or family member is drastic. In this source it talks about how hundreds of children have not been released from the detention centers. For some that were got back together with parents, others were deported back to their home country. The fact that many of these children were separated from their parents so long some did not want to leave their parents’ side once they reunited while others were very hesitant due to the traumatic experience they have already endured. Clearly this article is showing the effects separation can have on children and even adults because having your child be distant from you is very hurtful even though they do not mean to.

Summary Source #2: Separation at the border has caused most of what you would consider havoc at the border. Parents and children are being separated causing extreme social and psychological issues. From this source Thomsen explains how many of the children thought the children they were in the detention center were their siblings. Some did not even recognize their parents due to the amount of time they were apart. The article explains how the “catch and release” policy was omitted and they new policy in which illegal immigrants who are caught are now to face prosecution to emphasize the zero tolerance for jumping the border.

Summary Source #3: How immigration has affected children has been a big thing and this article backs this up with some studies and statistics. This article is a research project that puts emphasis on how children are separated from their parents and some of the beliefs that they found some people said went along with missing one or two parents due to migration. Some of the things that this research found was that a lot of children do not see their parents as authoritative figures being that they were separated so long.  A lot of the parents felt their children should have been more grateful for the things they did but a lot of times the children felt that their parents just left them. There was an argument that “child fostering” was a helpful tool and many argued it hurt the children more than helped.