Saint vs. Patriots

Following last sunday’s NFL football game there was a huge debate. The debate was why didn’t the refs call a penalty on the pass play towards the end of the game. Because the refs didn’t throw a flag on the play the Rams ended up winning the playoff game and now are headed to the Super Bowl. After the game was over the none call went viral and everyone was talking about it. Many people were saying that the NFL is rigged and some people say the refs were on the Rams side the whole game. After looking online and reading all the comments I had to go check it out for myself. After watching the highlight everyone was talking about it was very clear that there needed to be a penalty on the play.  Since the refs didn’t make the call the Saints aren’t going to be in the super bowl. Now if you don’t know the Super Bowl is the biggest NFL football game there is. After the regular season you go into the playoffs and if you win all the playoff games you go to the Super Bowl. Many of the Saints players were devasteded about the non call and went to social media to talk about it.  Skip Bayless who is one of the most known football broadcasters had something to say about this non call as well.  He said ” I can’t remember anything worse than this in sports history”.  The commissioner of the NFL  Roger Godell has yet to speak about the non call.  Many players and fans of the NFL are upset because he has not, and they feel as if he doesn’t care about the situation at all. After reading this I hope you go check out the non call play and tell me if you think it’s a penalty or not.

The City & The City

After reading this book I had a lot of mixed feelings. One thing that I really liked about this piece was how it made me think of The Great Gatsby. How people from the same area feeling different about each other. But with this book I feel as if China took it to another level. He made these people ignore each other even if they walked right in front of them it was so weird. Another thing was that if they are from the same area why do they speak different, why was that an important thing for China to put into this book? Not only do they speak different they also dress different. It’s like nothing for them is the same but they live  very close to each other. He made these people be taught to unsee the others and in the book it just flows perfectly which was very surprising. Also I think the balance with violence in the book was good it kept me guessing and wanting to read more. I think when Yolanda got shot in the head I felt as if I could see it. The detail throughout the whole novel from explaining  the surroundings and what those look like, to the arguments between characters,  was all around really good. I will say that it did take me awhile to fully understand what was going on but after a while you can put two and two together so it wasn’t too bad.