Anthony Davis pt 2

So far with the trade between the Lakers and the Pelicans nothing has been confirmed.  Last Thursday was the last day for the trade deadline. Since it’s past the trade deadline the trade will have to wait until the regular season is over. Many people still believe the Lakers will get Anthony Davis, but other sources say he want’s to go to the Bucks. If this rumor was true it makes sense because the Bucks are a up and rising team with tons of potential. They have one of the best players in the league on their team, Giannis Antetokounmpo. Giannis is a 7 ft guard who can’t be stopped and with Anthony Davids’s height they would be two unstoppable forces. But we’ve yet to hear anything from him his self other than he still want’s to be traded. Another thing surrounding Anthony is that the Pelicans are benching him because he wants to leave.  Since he isn’t hurt there is a rule in the NBA that they can’t bench him for no reason. So the NBA fined the Pelicans $100,000 because they didn’t play him.   The very next game they didn’t start him and he only played 20 minutes and didn’t play in the forth quarter. He still dropped 36 points which is ridiculous. Hopefully his situation will get better throughout the season.

Anthony Davis

Right now in the NBA there’s a lot of trade rumors surrounding Anthony Davis. Many people believe he is going to be traded to the Los Angles Lakers, but many sources are saying the Pelicans (Anthony Davis’s) team won’t trade him. Since Anthony Davis is signed on a contract for the rest of the year the Pelicans can trade him wherever they want. In the past players who wanted out of their contracts were traded to teams that players didn’t want to be on. Anthony Davis was in a press conference the other day and one of the reporters asked about the trade rumors. He began to say that he indeed wanted out of his contract and that he’s been talking to LeBron James. LeBron James is one fo the best players in the world as is now playing for the Los Angles Lakers. Towards the end of the press conference Anthony’s agent stated that he had been calling the Pelicans General Manager, Dell Demps but he wouldn’t answer the phone. People than began to spread rumors saying they are going to send him to a terrible team because he want’s out of his contract. As the days passed news came out about how the Lakers offered the Pelicans a trade deal for Anthony Davis. The Lakers offered six total players. Lonzo Ball who is a young player thats projected to be an All-Star. Kyle Kuzma who is just like Lonzo Ball when it comes to skills. Rondo, Ingram, Stephenson, and Beasley. They also offered two first round draft picks. Now if you’re someone who watches basketball you would know that this is a pretty crazy trade. The Lakers are offering six players for one. If I were the Pelicans this would be a steal, but Dell Demps declined the offer.  As of right now all we know is that Mr. Demps is mad at Anthony Davis and is looking to trade him somewhere on the East.