Last class we talked about one way to figure out what someone believes. The example professor G explained was to ask someone who their favorite fictional character was and why? This experiment will tell you what people think are most important within themselves. Also will tell you more about that person and how they behave. I thought that this was a very fun class and I think everyone else enjoyed it. Further on in class professor G started a new activity for the class to do. So the example was what would you do if a trolley was going down the track and if it keeps straight 5 people die but if you pull a lever 1 person will die, then it said what would you do. Pretty much everyone in the class said pull the lever to kill that one person. I agree because if you could save 5 people and only one die that good numbers. Then we had one more example. If the trolley was going down the track and if it keeps straight it will kill 5 people but if you push the person next to you it will stop the trolley. Everyone kind of laughed because we all know that murder. But at the same time the number odds are better if you push that person so should you do it? I still think no because thats just cold wrong its not like I was the person responsible of the trolley to go down the track nor do I make the work schedule. From all these examples it shows you how to find different kinds of ethics For the first trolley example it was utilitarian. That means to do the thing that will cause less harm. I just think that it was really cool doing that in class and it teaches you at the same time.


Tonight is a very important night for the VCU community. The reason for that is because they are playing in the NCAA tournament. If your a true fan of VCU basketball you would know that the last time people really thought they were good is when they went to the final four. That was in 2011 the whole city was going crazy and wanted them to win the whole tournament. Too bad things didn’t work like that, the games very good but they fell short. Now in 2019 they are getting ready to have they’re first game of the tournament. Everyone is nervous and waiting for it to start. I think they have a very strong change in winning tonight. They are ranked 8th seed and they play UCF whois the 9th seed. They are projected to win but sometimes it doesn’t always go to plan. One thing that even more crazy is that if they win tonight they will play duke. Now everyone knows duke is probably going to win the NCAA tournament this year and they have been unstoppable the whole year. If they could knock off both of those teams I would be satisfied enough even if they lost the next one because they beat two really good teams. SO hopefully things go as planned and they can pull it off. The main thing they have to worry about tonight is Taco. He is a 7’6 player on UCF. He’s been really good this year and is one of the biggest threats. If they can stop him and control his offensive rebounding they should be good to go.

Giants trade Odell

In today’s blog I will be talking about how the New York Giants traded one of the best wide receivers in the league. What makes it even more ridiculous is that he just signed a contract making him the highest paid wide receiver. For a long time the giants have been on the come up on receiving new star players. The last time the won the Super Bowl was eight years ago. Ever since then they haven’t been close. Many seasons after that they haven’t even made it to the playoffs. For the past few years Odell has been one of the main reasons on why the giants have been winning. With an old quarterback in the pocket, Odell didn’t get to show all of his potential. Even still for the past2 years he was been the leading receiver on the team and also has been in the Pro Bowl. Many people know of Odell because of the famous one handed catch he made a few years ago against the Cowboys. Ever since that play he has been a star. With a disappointing season last year not reaching the playoffs the giants made some very idiotic decisions. One of them was losses a star safety name Landon Collins in fee agency, and trading Odell. Now one of the biggest questions going around in the NFL community is why did they trade him? Was it because of his attitude, or was it because they didn’t have the money that he wanted for his next contract. Many sources around the league say the reason for the trade was because of money. Now I find that hard to believe because the Giants don’t have many or any star players that take up a lot of cap space. The general manager for the Giants didn’t speak to much about the situation but he did say one thing. ” “I’ve been to seven [Super Bowls] and every single team had a great locker room,” he said. “I’m not saying you can never take a chance on a guy, but part of the responsibility of a general manager is to eliminate distractions, allow players to play, and coaches to coach. Unfortunately, guys who have character issues create distractions.” I truly don’t believe that he was a distraction fro the team. He plays with fire and passion and that’s what I would want out of my players. Many of the reasons for his outburst was due to the fact that Eil Manning (The quarterback) isn’t doing his jobs. There have been countless of times where Odell would be wide open down the field and Eil still didn’t throw it to him. If I was Odell I’d be upset too especially knowing that I’m one of the best in the league. But for now we will see if the giants make anymore statements regarding Odell.


Last Saturday I was sitting down on my couch trying to find something on Netflix to watch. As I was scrolling through the categories I came across a documentary called Unsolved. It was about the murders of Christopher Wallace also know as Biggie Smalls, and Tupac Shakur. Tupac died on September 7, 1996, and Biggie died on March 9, 1997. Many people believe that it was a gang shooting that killed both the rappers. But as I was watching the show it lead into a lot more than just a regular gang drive by. It all started when Tupac came to New York (where Biggie is from) to record some music. As he was headed to the studio where his friend Biggie was he and his friends were robbed right before getting onto the elevator. After the attackers robbed him and his friends they shot him twice once in the thigh and once in the head. After this happened Tupac was shook up and believe Biggie had him set up. A little time went by and then Tupac went to jail for rape. Thats when everything went bad. Once he returned home he made it a east vs west coast beef. Once Tupac was out he signed with Death Row records under Suge Knight. Now not a lot of people know about Suge. He is one of the biggest Gangsters L.A. has ever had. He paid cops to help him with crimes and many other things. As the documentary went further a long a detective named Russell Poole believe that Suge had cops kill Biggie and had cops cover it up. Many believe the whole L.A. PD was in on the cover up because it would look bad if it came out to be true. Further on in the show it explains how huge had cops steal drugs for him, sell drugs, rob people ect.

What caught my attention was if all of this is true how many innocent people have been killed, or wrongly put into jail. I still believe in today’s society that the legal system isn’t right and many of the times it targets African Americans. If police and judges are being paid then how is the country going to act like it is okay and do absolutely nothing about it. It will be impossible to figure out everyone who is dirty in the legal field but there needs to be something done.

On my way to the game

As we all know it is time for spring break. Everyone is leaving school and on their way home. As I was in the car, my friend played a song I haven’t heard in years. As the song started to play I was going along with it the whole time. After the song was over I started thinking to myself. I was asking myself why do I still know the words to this song. Then I looked over to my friend and asked him if he ever had that feeling. My friend said all the time. Then I started thinking about why does this happen. We started talking about it and we were thinking about how our brain’s work. We came up with a few questions. One of them was do our brains remember everything from the past? But does it has to be brought too light to be remembered. The other question was where is this information stored? After having that long conversation I thought that I should look it up and talk about it in my next blog and find the answers to my questions.

After I made it home I put all my stuff in the house then hopped right back into the car. Now it’s time to go to my old high school state playoff game. The ride was about an hour long in the rain. The roads were terrible and I thought we were going to wreck twice. But thankfully we made it safe and the game was about to start. As the game went on my old high school went up by 20 points in the first half. So I thought to myself this game was not worth it at all. Then the second half started and the same exact thing happened. They went up another 20 points so at this pint I’m just waiting to go home. Finally the game is over and I can go home now. Even though we had an hour car ride ahead of us I thought anything would be better than that game. So we make it down the road and the weather was a lot better. Once I made it home I walked my dog and sat on the cough and played fortnite. That’s all I have for today’s blog but to everyone have a great spring break!