Last Saturday I was sitting down on my couch trying to find something on Netflix to watch. As I was scrolling through the categories I came across a documentary called Unsolved. It was about the murders of Christopher Wallace also know as Biggie Smalls, and Tupac Shakur. Tupac died on September 7, 1996, and Biggie died on March 9, 1997. Many people believe that it was a gang shooting that killed both the rappers. But as I was watching the show it lead into a lot more than just a regular gang drive by. It all started when Tupac came to New York (where Biggie is from) to record some music. As he was headed to the studio where his friend Biggie was he and his friends were robbed right before getting onto the elevator. After the attackers robbed him and his friends they shot him twice once in the thigh and once in the head. After this happened Tupac was shook up and believe Biggie had him set up. A little time went by and then Tupac went to jail for rape. Thats when everything went bad. Once he returned home he made it a east vs west coast beef. Once Tupac was out he signed with Death Row records under Suge Knight. Now not a lot of people know about Suge. He is one of the biggest Gangsters L.A. has ever had. He paid cops to help him with crimes and many other things. As the documentary went further a long a detective named Russell Poole believe that Suge had cops kill Biggie and had cops cover it up. Many believe the whole L.A. PD was in on the cover up because it would look bad if it came out to be true. Further on in the show it explains how huge had cops steal drugs for him, sell drugs, rob people ect.

What caught my attention was if all of this is true how many innocent people have been killed, or wrongly put into jail. I still believe in today’s society that the legal system isn’t right and many of the times it targets African Americans. If police and judges are being paid then how is the country going to act like it is okay and do absolutely nothing about it. It will be impossible to figure out everyone who is dirty in the legal field but there needs to be something done.

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