Giants trade Odell

In today’s blog I will be talking about how the New York Giants traded one of the best wide receivers in the league. What makes it even more ridiculous is that he just signed a contract making him the highest paid wide receiver. For a long time the giants have been on the come up on receiving new star players. The last time the won the Super Bowl was eight years ago. Ever since then they haven’t been close. Many seasons after that they haven’t even made it to the playoffs. For the past few years Odell has been one of the main reasons on why the giants have been winning. With an old quarterback in the pocket, Odell didn’t get to show all of his potential. Even still for the past2 years he was been the leading receiver on the team and also has been in the Pro Bowl. Many people know of Odell because of the famous one handed catch he made a few years ago against the Cowboys. Ever since that play he has been a star. With a disappointing season last year not reaching the playoffs the giants made some very idiotic decisions. One of them was losses a star safety name Landon Collins in fee agency, and trading Odell. Now one of the biggest questions going around in the NFL community is why did they trade him? Was it because of his attitude, or was it because they didn’t have the money that he wanted for his next contract. Many sources around the league say the reason for the trade was because of money. Now I find that hard to believe because the Giants don’t have many or any star players that take up a lot of cap space. The general manager for the Giants didn’t speak to much about the situation but he did say one thing. ” “I’ve been to seven [Super Bowls] and every single team had a great locker room,” he said. “I’m not saying you can never take a chance on a guy, but part of the responsibility of a general manager is to eliminate distractions, allow players to play, and coaches to coach. Unfortunately, guys who have character issues create distractions.” I truly don’t believe that he was a distraction fro the team. He plays with fire and passion and that’s what I would want out of my players. Many of the reasons for his outburst was due to the fact that Eil Manning (The quarterback) isn’t doing his jobs. There have been countless of times where Odell would be wide open down the field and Eil still didn’t throw it to him. If I was Odell I’d be upset too especially knowing that I’m one of the best in the league. But for now we will see if the giants make anymore statements regarding Odell.

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  1. The Odell was crazy and perhaps one of the biggest trades I’ve witnessed in football. I don’t necessarily think that it was about the money in particular, I really do think that the Giants wanted him around for the long haul. I think the Browns just really wanted him so they went after him. So you could say that Dave Gettleman (Giants GM) just really liked the offer that he got, otherwise I still think that OBJ would be there. For the Browns though, this is huge. They will finally possess what we can at least say will be a ridiculously good offense and maybe one of the best in the league. They seem playoff bound to me though.

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