Tonight is a very important night for the VCU community. The reason for that is because they are playing in the NCAA tournament. If your a true fan of VCU basketball you would know that the last time people really thought they were good is when they went to the final four. That was in 2011 the whole city was going crazy and wanted them to win the whole tournament. Too bad things didn’t work like that, the games very good but they fell short. Now in 2019 they are getting ready to have they’re first game of the tournament. Everyone is nervous and waiting for it to start. I think they have a very strong change in winning tonight. They are ranked 8th seed and they play UCF whois the 9th seed. They are projected to win but sometimes it doesn’t always go to plan. One thing that even more crazy is that if they win tonight they will play duke. Now everyone knows duke is probably going to win the NCAA tournament this year and they have been unstoppable the whole year. If they could knock off both of those teams I would be satisfied enough even if they lost the next one because they beat two really good teams. SO hopefully things go as planned and they can pull it off. The main thing they have to worry about tonight is Taco. He is a 7’6 player on UCF. He’s been really good this year and is one of the biggest threats. If they can stop him and control his offensive rebounding they should be good to go.

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