Last class we talked about one way to figure out what someone believes. The example professor G explained was to ask someone who their favorite fictional character was and why? This experiment will tell you what people think are most important within themselves. Also will tell you more about that person and how they behave. I thought that this was a very fun class and I think everyone else enjoyed it. Further on in class professor G started a new activity for the class to do. So the example was what would you do if a trolley was going down the track and if it keeps straight 5 people die but if you pull a lever 1 person will die, then it said what would you do. Pretty much everyone in the class said pull the lever to kill that one person. I agree because if you could save 5 people and only one die that good numbers. Then we had one more example. If the trolley was going down the track and if it keeps straight it will kill 5 people but if you push the person next to you it will stop the trolley. Everyone kind of laughed because we all know that murder. But at the same time the number odds are better if you push that person so should you do it? I still think no because thats just cold wrong its not like I was the person responsible of the trolley to go down the track nor do I make the work schedule. From all these examples it shows you how to find different kinds of ethics For the first trolley example it was utilitarian. That means to do the thing that will cause less harm. I just think that it was really cool doing that in class and it teaches you at the same time.

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