Last Blog

So its finally here, it’s finals week. This is the last blog of the year and it’s been a crazy ride. The transition from high school to college was very long and difficult. But now I can say I made it through the year and pretty much all the grades are done and then Ill be outta here.This summer I’m moving up to DC with my mom. It will be my first time staying in dc for quite some bit of time so I’m super excited. Where she stays it has a metro right across the street so if I ever wanted to go down town I could just hop on the metro. And being form Richmond we don’t have any metro’s so it will be my first time riding it and stuff plus it will just remind me of a way better Richmond. But as far as the school year being in this class was amazing and it really showed me what it takes to become a better student. All of the tools professor G taught us was great and I feel as if I can now put that towards anything I do in life. I want to thank you guys for being awesome classmates. Everyone was just super chill and gave great feedback when we were doing peer reviews so yeah just want to thank y’all and hope everyone has a great summer!

Final Blog

As the NbA playoffs get further along in their series you’ll notice how close many of the games are. So far there have been many comebacks and upsets. Last week I talked about how the Warriors blew a 31 point lead. Which was the biggest in NBA playoff history. The series between Portland and OKC is one of the best in my opinion. Everyone thought that OKC would win the series without any problems. Many projected them to win the series 4-1 but that’s not gonna happen. Portland is a young team and surprisingly they came to play since game 1. Their star player Damian Lillard has been a huge reason for the success. He’s been scoring at will and also without the help of C.J. I don’t think Portland would’ve even won a game. So far they are up on OKC 2-1. Even though they lost the last game with how they been playing they might be able to beat OKC. PG, who is on OKC hasn’t been himself during this playoff series. The reason for that is because he hurt is right shoulder. He said ” The other day I couldn’t even lift up my arm”. Because of this injury being on his shooting arm he hasn’t been shooting the ball very well. But after game 3 he said in an interview that he felt a lot better. So maybe with him being healthy now OKC will live up to their expectations and win the series.


Tonight UVA Mens basketball will play in the National Championship. I didn’t think they would make it but here they are playing Texas Tech. Tonight’s game will be another nail nighter just like when they played Auburn. Many College basketball fans are upset about the last UVA game because of the last few seconds. Well one thing that the refs missed was the double dribble. So down 2 UVA tries to advance the ball to the other half but the ball bounces off the UVA players foot and then he picks it up and starts dribbling. First off that is a double dribble and you can’t do that so there for UVA should’ve lost. But since they didn’t call that they had the chance to win the game and thats exactly what they did. With 1.5 seconds left on the clock UVA inbounds the ball to Kyle Guy who shoots a three. He misses it but is fouled so he gets 3 attempts at the free throw line. He then proceeded to make all three of the free throws and wins the game. Now they have go against a really tall and talented Texas Tech team. I believe UVA will struggle a lot in this game because they guards for Texas Tech are long. I think that will have a big impacted on Kyle Guy’s three’s and also Jerome’s. If those two players get held to few points or even 10 they won’t have enough to stop Texas Tech. Also Michigan State beat Duke, and we all know what kind of team Duke is and Texas Tech had the led against Michigan State for pretty much the whole game. So hopefully tonight game is one to remember and Texas Tech can get their first ever National Championship in basketball.


Tonight UvA plays in the final four in the NCAA tournament. Last time they reached the final four was in 1981. So everyone in Virginia and especially Charlottesville is excited to watch the game. I personally want UVA to lose. The reason why is because Im a duke fan and going to high school with people from that area is absolutely annoying. All everyone talks about is UVA this and UVA that. When in reality UVA is trash at basketball. They haven’t won a national championship in forever. For them to make it to the national championship they will have to go through Auburn tonight. Auburn isn’t the best basketball team, but they can shoot lights out when they are hot. Auburn beat North Carolina by 17. North Carolina is one of the best teams in the nation so for them beat them by 17 is actually surprising. If they can do that then I strongly believe they have a good chance of winning tonights game. The only problem is that one of the Auburn players got hurt in the North Carolina game in the final quarter. But even without him Auburn was about to defeat Kentucky and Kentucky is a pretty good team this year. So hopefully tonight goes as planned and Auburn wins.