Tonight UvA plays in the final four in the NCAA tournament. Last time they reached the final four was in 1981. So everyone in Virginia and especially Charlottesville is excited to watch the game. I personally want UVA to lose. The reason why is because Im a duke fan and going to high school with people from that area is absolutely annoying. All everyone talks about is UVA this and UVA that. When in reality UVA is trash at basketball. They haven’t won a national championship in forever. For them to make it to the national championship they will have to go through Auburn tonight. Auburn isn’t the best basketball team, but they can shoot lights out when they are hot. Auburn beat North Carolina by 17. North Carolina is one of the best teams in the nation so for them beat them by 17 is actually surprising. If they can do that then I strongly believe they have a good chance of winning tonights game. The only problem is that one of the Auburn players got hurt in the North Carolina game in the final quarter. But even without him Auburn was about to defeat Kentucky and Kentucky is a pretty good team this year. So hopefully tonight goes as planned and Auburn wins.

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