Tonight UVA Mens basketball will play in the National Championship. I didn’t think they would make it but here they are playing Texas Tech. Tonight’s game will be another nail nighter just like when they played Auburn. Many College basketball fans are upset about the last UVA game because of the last few seconds. Well one thing that the refs missed was the double dribble. So down 2 UVA tries to advance the ball to the other half but the ball bounces off the UVA players foot and then he picks it up and starts dribbling. First off that is a double dribble and you can’t do that so there for UVA should’ve lost. But since they didn’t call that they had the chance to win the game and thats exactly what they did. With 1.5 seconds left on the clock UVA inbounds the ball to Kyle Guy who shoots a three. He misses it but is fouled so he gets 3 attempts at the free throw line. He then proceeded to make all three of the free throws and wins the game. Now they have go against a really tall and talented Texas Tech team. I believe UVA will struggle a lot in this game because they guards for Texas Tech are long. I think that will have a big impacted on Kyle Guy’s three’s and also Jerome’s. If those two players get held to few points or even 10 they won’t have enough to stop Texas Tech. Also Michigan State beat Duke, and we all know what kind of team Duke is and Texas Tech had the led against Michigan State for pretty much the whole game. So hopefully tonight game is one to remember and Texas Tech can get their first ever National Championship in basketball.

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  1. I watched this game and was very entertained by it. I picked UVA to make it all the way to the championship in all of my brackets, but had them losing to Duke. Duke was a disappointment for this entire tournament. They were the favorite and could not make it all way. UVA had an amazing tournament though. They came from behind in almost all of their wins. Though the refs did miss the double dribble call, UVA, Kyle Guy, and a lot of other players stepped up in the clutch and won their games. UVA definitely deserved to win this championship, especially after losing to the 16th seed last year.

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