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As the NbA playoffs get further along in their series you’ll notice how close many of the games are. So far there have been many comebacks and upsets. Last week I talked about how the Warriors blew a 31 point lead. Which was the biggest in NBA playoff history. The series between Portland and OKC is one of the best in my opinion. Everyone thought that OKC would win the series without any problems. Many projected them to win the series 4-1 but that’s not gonna happen. Portland is a young team and surprisingly they came to play since game 1. Their star player Damian Lillard has been a huge reason for the success. He’s been scoring at will and also without the help of C.J. I don’t think Portland would’ve even won a game. So far they are up on OKC 2-1. Even though they lost the last game with how they been playing they might be able to beat OKC. PG, who is on OKC hasn’t been himself during this playoff series. The reason for that is because he hurt is right shoulder. He said ” The other day I couldn’t even lift up my arm”. Because of this injury being on his shooting arm he hasn’t been shooting the ball very well. But after game 3 he said in an interview that he felt a lot better. So maybe with him being healthy now OKC will live up to their expectations and win the series.

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  1. I am very interested to see just how far the Portland Tail Blazers go in this years playoffs. After getting swept by the Pelicans last year and having Jrue Holiday basically all over Damian Lillard, he seems to be flipping the switch this year and making Russel Westbrook his child. Assuming they win the series against the OKC Thunder, I would not be surprised if they took down the Warriors in 7 games due to their surreal talent at both guard positions, decent big men, and strong bench presence. I am still taking Toronto to win the East because Kawhi will assert himself over Giannis and lead Toronto to their first NBA Finals matchup.

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