Last Blog

So its finally here, it’s finals week. This is the last blog of the year and it’s been a crazy ride. The transition from high school to college was very long and difficult. But now I can say I made it through the year and pretty much all the grades are done and then Ill be outta here.This summer I’m moving up to DC with my mom. It will be my first time staying in dc for quite some bit of time so I’m super excited. Where she stays it has a metro right across the street so if I ever wanted to go down town I could just hop on the metro. And being form Richmond we don’t have any metro’s so it will be my first time riding it and stuff plus it will just remind me of a way better Richmond. But as far as the school year being in this class was amazing and it really showed me what it takes to become a better student. All of the tools professor G taught us was great and I feel as if I can now put that towards anything I do in life. I want to thank you guys for being awesome classmates. Everyone was just super chill and gave great feedback when we were doing peer reviews so yeah just want to thank y’all and hope everyone has a great summer!

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