Dream Works

  1. Outside of the classroom I spend around six hours writing my paper. Then when I was revising my paper I spent about three hours trying to figure out what I wanted to say. I had to actually rewrite my paper three times until I figured out the way I wanted to present myself in this paper. Once I found out about the paper I pretty much knew from the get go what I wanted to write about. I didn’t reject any other topic because I knew exactly what I wanted to do. My topic evolved because it pushed me to go further in depth and think about the situations in my story more.
  2. For the revisions, the first one was to rewrite it. Then once I went to you in in office hours I rewrote it again to make sure my essay would be perfect. I used the peer feedback to help me elaborate on the situations I was talking about in my story. The reasoning for that is because I wanted to make the reader feel as if they were in my story and they could picture everything I was talking about. I got a good suggestion from Jessica. She told me to talk more about the place that identified myself more and stick to that. I felt that her suggestion was best to pick because it was necessary for my essay. I didn’t reject anyones suggestions I used them to help me because most of them were basic. Well I didn’t make those changes in my finally draft because I had to rewrite it but I remembered them and took them under consideration. Those choices in my option are for the better because that’s what the teacher and audience wants.
  3. The global aspects of this essay that I feel most confident about are my three points. I feel that I covered those topics very well and elaborated them to the point where you feel as if your in my story. I’m concerned about if I talked about my place enough and if I need to put more about how that one place made me the man I am today but I feel as if I did a pretty good job but if I didn’t have to restart twice it would’ve been better. The local aspect that I feel confident is how I used good vocabulary words and tried to go into detail. The local aspects that that i’m concerned about would most likely be if all my grammar is correct. Because when I read over my essay sometimes I still miss things and I just want to make sure that I didn’t miss anything this time.
  4. If I had more time I Would make sure that I elaborated on the place that created my identity. I would also try not to have grammar issues and all of that stuff. I think I would take another day to make sure everything is how I want it and fix all the grammar issues. The feedback I would like from you would just be how is my grammar and am I covering the topic well. Because with those two things I feel as if the rest would be easy for me to fix if I had other things to fix. The grade I am expecting is an A I believe that I worked very hard on this paper. I took time to rewrite it twice and try my best to explain the topic to my fullest ability.


Christopher Jared Steppe

Professor Joshua Galligan

Focused Inquiry UNIV 111

18 September 2018


When I was younger I’ve always loved the game of basketball, thanks to my father. Hearing him tell stories about my Grandfather playing basketball in his hometown Charlottesville, Virginia made me want to be just like him. My dad told me my grandfather was one of the coolest kids in school all because he was really good at basketball. I knew If I wanted to be like my Grandfather I would have to work extremely hard and push myself.  When I got to Louisa County High School I was determined to be great. After practicing everyday at my high school gym during the summer it became my second home. The gym had six basketball hoops two on the left side, two in the middle and two on the right side. On the main court we had Louisa Lions written on the center of the court. Another cool design we had in our gym was a lion painted on the wall breaking through bricks and it looked 3d. Practicing in that gym taught me many things in life; how to be confident, independent, and a leader.

The first game of my Senior year for Varsity basketball was finally here. We were playing our rival school Fluvanna County High School at home. I can remember like it was yesterday. As the finally sounds of the warm up clock ticked down, and my team huddled up around our bench to figure out who on the opposing team each of us would have to guard. As we walked onto the main court getting ready for jump ball I was locked in. My confidence was jumping through the roof. I knew after all of the hard work I put in in this gym over the summer I could lead my team to victory. As the referee threw up the ball our center CeeJay wins the jump. In our huddled our coach said “If we win the jump ball run two down”. Two down was a special play for the shooting guard which was me. I would run off of two screens. One of the screens was set on the lower left side block, and the other was on the lower right side block. After running off both screens with my hair brushing against my face my teammate Jarrett passed me the ball and I shot a three pointer. As the ball rolled off my fingertips I knew It was money! In the story Black and Blue it says, “What no one had told me was that I was the one who would be considered a threat” (p. 72). After seeing the ball go in my confidence shot up and I felt like I could make any shot I took and that I was a threat to the opposing team. Confidence is everything, because If someone has confidence they will feel like they can achieve any goal in life. This helped me with my school work especially, because it provided a sense of passion to do better and that’s why I am so confident today. If I wasn’t able to experience that I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Further in the game it was getting incredibly intense. We were all tired, but since our coach made us run to the point where we almost threw up our endurance and our mental focus kept us going.  The score was extremely close and we were going at it. Since I was the captain of the team I had to step up and make sure everyone was in their positions on defense and offense. We were down two points and coach said “ We need a stop”. As we ran on defense I told the team to get into two three defense. A two three defense is when two people are on the top of the key and two people are on the lower blocks and one person is in the middle of the people on the lower blocks. Once I got my team ready for defense I made everyone call out all the other players who were cutting into the lane. Once the ball went up for a shot we all yelled “shot” and we all found a man to box out. Once my teammate CeeJay secured the rebound we all felt a side of relief. After experiencing that intense situation I knew how to lead my team. Being a leader requires communication, and I feel as if I lead my team to get that defensive stop by communicating with them and telling them where they need to be and calling out all the right calls. Teamwork is very important in sports but also as an adult. I know when I’m older I’ll be working in a hospital and working in the hospital as requires teamwork. When you need the other doctors to pass you an instrument in a blink of an eye communication is key and that takes teamwork.   

As the game was coming to an near end we were losing by one point. I knew as the leader of the team I had to do something so we would come out with the victory in front of our home crowd. This is were being independent takes place. I had to take the game into my own hands and show my team and the crowd that I was determined to win. After we made another defensive stop, I grabbed the rebound and pushed the ball up the court as fast as I could. Once I made it on the opposing side I had one defender in front of me. I knew If I wanted to take the lead I would have make a move and get by him. I was on on the left side of the court, which was my favorite side in that gym. I would always work on my hesitation pull up move on this side. As I got closer to the rim and the defender was in my face I made my move. I hit him with the hesitation then I pulled it up form mid-range. The only thing going through my mind was I hope this shot goes in. As the ball gets closer to the net I see it go in and my heart stops. I felt as if time slowed down and then I came back to reality. Everyone in the crowd was jumping and cheering because I made the game winning shot. Playing basketball in that gym taught me how taking control in whatever I’m doing.

Playing in that game changed my life for the better. I taught me many life lessons that i’ll never forget. Without all of the hard work I put in I might not have learned all of the tremendous qualities basketball had to offer. That’s why I believe basketball is more than an sport. It helped define the man I am today. It gave me strong leadership values, helped me be mentally focused and independent, but lastly it taught me how to stand up for myself and be a strong leader. Furthermore it push me to become a strong individual who believes with hard work can take you anywhere in life.