NBA Playoffs

The time is here, its playoff time. The playoff games started last week and most of the teams that made the playoffs have only played one game so far. In the NBA the playoff series is best out of seven. So far all the games have been good ones! The team in the east everyone is talking about are the 76ers. They have a very young team but the potential they have is unreal. If everything goes to plan they should be in the NBA championship. Everyone who watches NBA basketball knows the east is terrible. They have the easiest opponents to go against to make it to the championship. But unfortunately they had a bad start to the playoffs and lost the first game. They played the Brooklyn Nets which is a terrible team. Some people are still wondering how they even made the playoffs but they showed out against the 76ers and got the win. Some NBA sports hosts and cast are talking about how LeBron made a dumb choice by going to the lakers which the Lakers aren’t in the playoffs by the way. He could’ve went to the 76ers and defiantly would’ve made it to the NBA championship for the 9th or 10th time in a row. They also said that they would’ve had a great chance at beating the Golden State Warriors who have been almost impossible to beat for the past 3-4 years. And now the Lakers are falling apart so there goes LeBron.

Back to the playoffs speaking of Golden State they lost in the second game of the playoffs to non other than the Clippers. The Clippers are located in LA just like the Lakers so I know LeBron at home rethinking his decision but people are asking how could they lose. Now the series is out of 7 games so they have no reason to worry especially because they won the first game so the series is tied. But what makes it so cray is that they were up by 31 points sometime during the game and the Clippers came back. How in the world do you blow a 31 point lead thats ridiculous. Actually thats the biggest comeback in NBA playoff history so its kind of sad that the best team in the world lost to them after being up by 31. But I’m looking forward to watching more games and hopefully my Celtics can pull another one out and get the Pacers out the way!