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Week 1: TPACK

What is TPACK?

TPACK stands for technological pedagogical content knowledge. TPACK shows the different kinds of knowledge that is necessary for teachers to be able to adequately teach their students. A venn diagram is used to show the seven different components that go into TPACK and how these different types of knowledge overlap. The three main components are Technological Knowledge (TK), Content Knowledge (CK) and Pedagogical Knowledge (PK). These types of knowledge and their similar counterparts (Technological Content Knowledge, Technological Pedagogical Knowledge, and Pedagogical Content Knowledge) are what come together to form what we know as TPACK. TPACK is an effective teaching strategy because it uses multiple techniques and concepts in order to get across to each student and their different learning styles. Knowledge of technology and how it works also makes it much easier for teachers to find new ways to teach their students and teach lessons in a way that is interactive and fun for the class.

What are your first impressions of TPACK?

I found it interesting that the types of knowledge necessary to be a prepared teacher would be easily condensed into three main categories. I was not convinced at first that it could be that simple, but as I looked into the overlaps between the types of knowledge I realized that it covered the basics pretty well. Without any of these three areas, students may not be as well taught by their teachers.

How do you think this theory will be useful to you as a teacher?

I knew from my previous education classes that it is important to be as well-rounded as a teacher as possible to best prepare your students for the material they will be learning. Preparing yourself in multiple contexts and teaching styles lets you try different methods in your lesson plans. Different students and classes will need different ways of teaching, so it is our responsibility as educators to be as well-versed in various techniques. The younger generation of students is growing up with much more technology in their classrooms than what we were exposed to, so now teachers have to be able to maneuver many electronics and programs. Being experienced with technology and up to date with the newest online teaching styles will also help us better to connect to our students.

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