I am very small and have no money, so you can imagine the kind of stress I am under.

Weekend Reflection 14

Thank goodness this semester ends in November. I do not have the strength to continue into December. I saw one of my old Facebook posts that popped up a year ago today that I had three weeks left to go and I was barely holding on. I don’t know how I did it! I remember going into a coma the day after my last exam and was basically unresponsive for 3 days. 2019 was my very first semester here at VCU. Even after all that work, I still cherish the memories. Hard to believe I’m due to graduate Spring 2022. It feels like it’s all moving so fast. How did all of this simultaneously feel like a lifetime ago while also feeling like it was just yesterday? Covid must have something to do with it, because 2020 gave me some serious whiplash.

Since this is my last blog post, I’ll take some time to reflect on the things I discovered in a single semester. I discovered:

  1. Human interaction is key to not going absolutely insane in quarantine and online learning.
  2. People who assign work literally do not understand online access does not equal more time for more work. My work life balance has been destroyed by those who keep piling on things to do just because I’m online or a zoom call away. These are shitty people.
  3. To piggy-back off the last one: B O U N D A R I E S are so insanely important now things are online. I had to put my foot down and say “No” a lot this semester to taking on extra tasks.
  4. You’re allowed to ask for help or for an extension on work, especially now in this time. No one is coming for your throat if you need accommodations.
  5. It’s okay to change your mind about something you used to be sure about. I’m headed a different artistic direction with my degree and I’m elated.
  6. You don’t need anyone’s permission to pursue your passions and it’s best if you don’t ask either.
  7. Don’t ask people outside of your path for advice. They are going to put you on their path, not yours. Besides you can see where they’ve been, you don’t need to experience the same things.
  8. Sometimes your life can change in an instant and that can be scary, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.
  9. You don’t have to forgive someone that hurt you to “be the better person”. That’s usually a way to get someone out of being accountable for their actions.
  10. Caring about people is cool and conducive to a functional society.

I hope everyone survived their classes, exams, and brand new social lives. It’s likely we’re headed for another semester much like this one again. The next will likely be easier now that we’ve gotten through this. And, now that Donald Trump keeps losing the vote like groundhog day and experiencing the beginning of the worst karmic cycle of his entire life, maybe in January we’ll be able to start a healthy, brand new normal where the president doesn’t do anything batshit crazy, vulnerable people get taken care of, rich people pay their taxes, the police don’t kill civilians, international relationships get repaired, we start booking it on the ‘saving the planet from global warming’ initiative, people who maliciously refuse to wear a mask in pandemics get fined $500-$5,000 per infraction, ASL will be required to be taught in school, and the general public’s infrastructure gets improved enough to get intercontinental underground metro trains.

What a world we would be living in. Absolutely immaculate.

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