my Wiki journey

My Wiki Journey

My journey was the start of a research journey that I could not have imagined, and I was surely scared to get into the car and drive down this road of mythology and folklore. I didn’t know what I was going to do this article on and how I was going to edit an article that thousands of people have edited. When I was told I had to do it on something related to class I was nervous because the article that originally going to do was one that I could put an home touch to it but I am never the type to back down from a challenge so I got back into my car and went down a different road and decided that on this journey you can’t use a GPS or you’re going to struggle.

So, I decided to let myself go and see where I run out of gas. It turns out that my romantic side came out of me and decided to do the one love symbol that everyone knows and that is Eros or better known as cupid. When looking for a cupid article, I wanted to find an article that I felt I good add some good information and it not get lost in the surplus information that would already be there. Cupid is a topic that people could talk about for days, and I could see that in all the articles that I was finding. I eventually found my destination in a cupid article that left just enough room for me to add information about cupid. My goal was to find information that was unique and told a different story than what we use too. I wanted to do that because going over the cupid and psyche in class was such a different lesson seeing the different depictions and topics of cupid, I wanted to see what else was out there for the god of love. Starting the project surely didn’t get the full gist of what Wikipedia was all about as I got a quick notification and talk from Wikipedia and Dr. Campbell about what my next steps should be. The pressure is on and I am about as nervous has I can possibly, so I take the time to reread through the training modules and trying to figure out what I was doing wrong and what can I do to fix it. After a couple days of more strenuous research and just plain crying at one point I finally figure out it’s me that is holding me back and that I have to just let go and let this metaphorical energy just take over me and don’t look back. Maybe I should’ve never started driving maybe cupid should’ve been the one driving. It was too late to worry about this now I had no time to feel sorry for myself and no one was going to feel sorry for me either, so I had to just put more gas in the car hand the keys to cupid and hop in and hope he doesn’t crash the car. I started looking for more articles on cupid and from the advice from Dr. Campbell started to work more in my sandbox and really go into more detail with what I wanted to convey in the article.

As cupid took his left and rights, he took me to his fondest memories of psyche and how beautiful she was and that his mother venues hated her so much and as much as he loved his mother, he loved psyches beauty. He took me to his favorite places where he first shot his arrows the moment, he realized his power. This road trip with a baby in a diaper driving surely turned heads as we were being looked at in the library, we stopped at to work more on telling his story. Getting back in the car I started to gain more and more confidence with every new article and every new website that I saw. Driving down this road with cupid in the driver seat I should’ve known that it was going to have a twist. Seeing the different sides of what other people think of cupid was very enlightening and that what I saw cupid as before this trip was the side, I was raised to see, and that is the cute baby in a diaper when in reality he is more than that he is a mischievous, cute, devious god that knows he is a god. He also has this demon like aura around him like maybe if pushed to the edge the cute baby might have an outburst. I had this moment of realization of wow I enjoy letting myself go and not impeding myself from what should be a joyous experience, it took a moment of me breaking down in class, throwing papers on the ground, and or cursing out my computer. Cupid shot me with a different type of arrow, an arrow of excitement, passion, and curiosity. However,  isn’t that what love being anyway. This road trip ends but the one thing that I fell in love with was a different side of me came out on this trip.

Coming to an end

As we wine down our time in this class its a lot of emotion that comes with that we are all happy  that we get to go on break and recover from a strenuous semester but also this class brings a lightness to the stress level with being a class about the thing that we all grew up on mythology and folklore was my childhood and what we all feel inside i still feel like a kid sometimes and this class brought that out of me and i am happy because it helped me in my other classes and with my music.

as we start to move forward whether your graduating or just moving forward to next semester i would say that this class as put an lasting impression on me for the rest of my time here at vcu.

birthday glooming day

today is my birthday but the actual day is very rainy which’s puts a damper on my sprits and it made me wonder what is that feeling that comes over most of us on days like these how do we get that feeling and where does it come from. can we stop it? or should we stop it because through that gloomy period when you come out of it you feel as good as you have ever felt. It now makes me wonder how many feelings is there is there a feeling for every moment there is in life or is it just recycled emotions that are used differently and if there recycled emotions do you still feel some past emotion from the past event/situation you were in.


going on wiki to get working on my article i noticed that wikipedia had started to ask for donations to keep their website running and doing its best. we all know wikipedia is free and anyone and can use it. but has IT happend? have we took advantage of wikipedia sources have we maybe not used it enough have we forgotten about how important wikipedia is to the world. or maybe they just need donations because nothing in life is truly free someone is paying somewhere.

A thanksgiving myth

there are so many great a long lasting traditions that we all celebrate during thanksgiving and there are some that we even start on our own time. However i wonder if there is any myths about thanksgiving that we don’t know about maybe there is, my parents never told me a myth or fairytale about thanksgiving so i wonder if there is any out there.


enjoying my friendsgiving with some of the best friends i have met since being jere at vcu and i am happy to say that i feel like i have met the family that i believe everyone wants or looks for when they come to college some people don’t cant say that they have found that and i am so happy that i have vcu has been a great choice in my life 

thanksgiving prep

heading into the holidays i wonder is it really a “break” for theres a-lot on the plate of us students we prepare for finals and projects do all while we try to enjoy the break called thanksgiving i guess from what we learned today in class it’s all based upon perspective, to some this isn’t a break because they have so much work to do and then to some this is a break because next week gives you a chance to finish all that work you might have due soon…..for me i don’t know yet ask me next week i’ll have an answer.

weekend is here

the weekend as started homecoming is here and its just good vibes all around and as we just finished our poetry section makes me wonder if you could make a poem out of this weekend i mean it’s so much going on that you can’t help but find yourself somehow mixed up in it all whether you like it or not. also you can’t forget about the holidays that are right around the corner and that in itself is something to be poetic about.

this is different

a new outlook and new journey to be had, a new way to approach everything learning some new things is always enlightening and always inspirational and i was fortunate to learn some cool stuff on how to tackle all this information that is being filtered in my brain and what i can and cannot do and also taking that stress and throwing it in the trash this new found information has added the fuel to the fire i need to keep going

what is love

what is love what does love have to do with it? the way we feel about a certain person where does that come from how do people fall out of love so quickly where does all these emotions come from maybe there is a personal cupid around us and were just oblivious to it all and that is interesting does that mean love at first sight is real or what.

who tells you that you love someone or is it someone else?????