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The mission of the Office of Student Experience is to focus specifically on the qualitative experience of being a health sciences student and to develop strategies to enhance that experience.  Specifically, this office has developed a comprehensive system of assistance by attending to student success, student satisfaction, and student support. The OSE is supported by the The Office of  the Vice President for Health Sciences and its commitment to programs directed toward providing graduates capable of meeting the commonwealth’s health care needs.

Student Success includes programming and special initiatives that will enable students to get the most out of their time at VCU by helping them to overcome barriers to that success, and helping to poise them for success after completion of their degree.  Examples of such initiatives include the SCIE Ambassador Program, the Success Seminar Series, the Health Sciences Student Newsletter, and the Social and Community Engagement Calendar.

Student Satisfaction involves not only the review of data that students provide regarding their experience but also involves being responsive to this data.  The Health Sciences Student Experience Survey is a collaboration between the MCV SGA and the Division of Student Affairs.  This instrument was designed to ensure that the data that is captured on an annual basis from health sciences students attends to every meaningful aspect of their experience.

Student Support includes the provision of places and spaces to connect while vetting new ideas and envisioning alternate ways to navigate the student experience. The Office of Student Experience advocates for student initiated programs and organizations while facilitating campus and community connections. Examples of such initiatives include the Student Council for an Inclusive Environment (SCIE) Commission, Practice with Pride, and the designated student space, SIAC at 10th and Main.

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