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Managing Holiday Finances (NEW)

Holiday finances budget template (NEW)

Holiday finances gift list template (NEW)

Basic Budgeting and Beyond (New)

College Student Financial Planner 2020 (New)

Budgeting Presentation

Budgeting Exercise

Budget Worksheet


Understanding Your Credit and Credit Report (NEW)

Credit Quiz (NEW)

Credit Quiz Answers (NEW)

Financial Health:

Assessing Your Financial Health PowerPoint

Assessing Your Financial Health

Loans and Repayment:

Financial Planning Medical Professionals & Dentists & Savings Philosophy (NEW)

Loans and Repayment

The Psychology of Spending: Your Relationship with Money:

VACU Psych Spend_handout 

Money Habitudes Worksheet

Goals Workbook 1

Rent or Buy:

Rent vs Buy

Saving and Investing

Investment Basics Powerpoint

Student Loans:

Dollar$ and Sen$e Loans and Repayment

Triggers to Overspending:

Psychology of Spending

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Changing Spending Habits

Budgeting Basics

50-20-30 Rule

7 Tips for Budgeting