Dollar$ and Sen$e Resources

Spring 2020

Rent or Buy:

Rent vs Buy


Understanding Your Credit and Credit Report

Understanding Your Credit and Credit Score Quiz

Credit Quiz Answers

Loans and Repayment:

Loans and Repayment

Triggers to Overspending:

Psychology of Spending

Fall 2019


Budget Bootcamp Handout

Budget Bootcamp PowerPoint

Financial Health:

Assessing Your Financial Health PowerPoint

Assessing Your Financial Health

Spring 2018

Student Loans:

Dollar$ and Sen$e Loans and Repayment

Fall 2017

The Psychology of Spending: Your Relationship with Money:

VACU Psych Spend_handout 

Money Habitudes Worksheet

Goals Workbook 1

Quick Clicks:



Changing Spending Habits


Budgeting Presentation

Budgeting Exercise

Budget Worksheet

Quick Clicks:

Budgeting Basics

50-20-30 Rule

7 Tips for Budgeting

Student Loans:

Student Loans Presentation

Understanding Credit and Your Credit Report:

Understanding Credit and Credit Report Presentation

Credit Quiz

Credit Quiz Answers

Saving and Investing

Investment Basics Powerpoint