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Virtual Interviewing Hacks

Virtual Interviewing

The Business of Healthcare

The Business of Healthcare PowerPoint

Combating Burnout with the Use of Mindfulness Techniques Part 1

Success Seminar Series 1 2017

How to Conduct Difficult Conversations

Difficult Conversations PowerPoint

Job Search and Interviewing Techniques

Job Search and Interviewing PowerPoint

Networking & Negotiations

The Art of Networking & Negotiating

Preparing for the Job Market

Preparing for the Job Market 

Preparing for the Job Market: Interviewing and Negotiating

Interviewing and Negotiating PowerPoint

Striving to Thriving

Surviving to Thriving 2020

Stress Management & Test Anxiety

Don’t Psych Yourself Out: Tackling Test Anxiety

Supporting Recovery in Heath Care Setting

Recovery Literacy is Cultural Competence PowerPoint

Thriving in a Team Setting

The ME in TEAM – How to Thrive in a Team Setting

Team Survey

Combating Burnout with the Use of Mindfulness Techniques Part 2


Mindfulness Practices:

Loving-Kindness Practices:

Relaxation and Mindfulness:

Smartphone/Tablet Apps: 

The Mindfulness App – free

Calm – free

Buddhify – $4.99 iPhone or $2.99 Android one-time fee

Headspace- first 10 guided meditations free, then monthly subscription options

Insight Timer – free

Meditation Timer Pro – $0.99 one-time fee

Smiling Mind – free

Sattva – free