Success Seminar Resources

Thriving in a Team Setting

The ME in TEAM – How to Thrive in a Team Setting

Team Survey

Networking & Negotiations

The Art of Networking & Negotiating

Stress Management & Test Anxiety

Don’t Psych Yourself Out: Tackling Test Anxiety

Supporting Recovery in Heath Care Setting

Recovery Literacy is Cultural Competence PowerPoint

Job Search and Interviewing Techniques

Job Search and Interviewing PowerPoint

How to Conduct Difficult Conversations

Difficult Conversations PowerPoint

Combating Burnout with the Use of Mindfulness Techniques Part 1

Success Seminar Series 1 2017

Preparing for the Job Market

Preparing for the Job Market 

Combating Burnout with the Use of Mindfulness Techniques Part 2


Mindfulness Practices:

Loving-Kindness Practices:

Relaxation and Mindfulness:

Smartphone/Tablet Apps: 

The Mindfulness App – free

Calm – free

Buddhify – $4.99 iPhone or $2.99 Android one-time fee

Headspace- first 10 guided meditations free, then monthly subscription options

Insight Timer – free

Meditation Timer Pro – $0.99 one-time fee

Smiling Mind – free

Sattva – free

The Business of Healthcare

The Business of Healthcare PowerPoint

Preparing for the Job Market: Interviewing and Negotiating

Interviewing and Negotiating PowerPoint