My question is whether the rise in anxiety and depression in the US among teens and young adults is related to the increase in usage of social media. I plan to research the trends in depression/anxiety rates and when some forms of social media became hugely popular. I would somehow also like to find out if doctors are actually treating their patients, or just prescribing medicine and not actually getting to the root of the problem, but am not sure exactly how to research that. Because I just decided to change my topic, I still need to brainstorm more ideas to include in the project. I am interested in including Facebook, Twitter, snapchat, as  social media sites, and maybe even go back to myspace and see if there was a rise even at that point.

Stasis Theory

Question: What is the effect of commuting on the students overall college experience?

The facts: Is there a difference in the overall college experience between commuter students and students that reside on campus?

What can cause differences in the overall college experience  of students?

Definition: What is meant by commuting? Is there a minimum/maximum amount of time considered in what defines a commuter student?

Value: Does commuting have a positive impact on the students overall college experience?


Policy: Should students not be allowed to commute or be limited in how far they commute?

Should all students have to live on campus?

The question I think needs to be addressed first is, does commuting have a negative impact on the students overall college experience? I think it should be addressed first because if there is a big negative impact it should be something addressed or students should be educated about the potential negative impacts.

Information needed:

GPA comparison between commuter/residential students

Figure out average length of commute

Compare commute times to GPA

Interview people to see what differences there are in social life

  • average # of friends made at school
  • closeness of there relationships
  • ease of meeting with study partners
  • time spent studying
  • time spent with social clubs, attending sporting events, etc

Identify advantages/disadvantages of commuting to school (some people live with their parents which could be helpful)

Research online for any studies which may have already been done on a similar subject to get more data


What is water?

  1. This is water by David Foster Wallace is a graduation commencement speech about finding out how to think. The author’s main claim is to address what is your natural template on thinking and how to adjust one’s thinking.
  2. The major themes are finding out what you worship because everyone worships something, learning how to think outside of your default settings, and to prepare for the day in day out life that is in store.
  3. Why can one experience mean two totally different thing to two different people?
  4. Why is basic self-centeredness so socially repulsive if it is so universal?
  5. What are your default settings and your Capital T truths?

Curious Researcher Writing Assignment #1

Places– beach, moon, Africa, Italy, Pluto, Europe, Romania

Trends- health food, massage therapy, UFC, smartphones, earphones, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon

Things- toys, chairs, roller coasters, cars, trucks, magazines, water bottles

People-mean people suck, Trump, Obama, famous people, celebrities, house moms, teachers, students

History- presidential elections, Panama Canal, Australia as a place for convicts, Native Americans, Holocaust, WWII, WWI, Vietnam

Hobbies- knitting, sewing, crocheting, fitness, hiking, camping


  1. History of Romania?
  2. Legend of Dracula?
  3. History of Vlad Dracul (Vlad the Impaler)
  4. What impact does Dracula have on the economy?
  5. Does it affect tourism?
  6. Is there any truth to the legend?
  7. Is Romania the home of vampires?
  8. How does media affect the legend?
  9. What amount of money has been generated from the movies?
  10. Did the book Dracula have an impact on travel to Romania?
  11. Why do I imagine Romania as being dark and bleak/stormy?
  12. What is the significance of trains in Romania? (I always imagine trains as being the main mode of transportation)

More Pics

(I didn’t have a picture to represent anxiety/depression. I figured an old picture of an approaching storm might do)

  1. What is anxiety?
  2. Why is it so prevalent in today’s culture?
  3. Is anxiety over diagnosed?
  4. Do anxiety and depression go hand in hand or are they distinctly separate?
  5. Are prescribed drugs effective? Should people seek out natural ways to treat anxiety and depression instead of taking prescriptions which can sometimes make the symptoms worse?

  1. Is red wine really good for your heart?
  2. Why isn’t white wine good for your heart?
  3. What is the wine making process?
  4. Why are there so many wineries sprouting up all over Virginia?
  5. Can boxed wine be just a good as bottled wine, or even better?
  6. Why do some bottles have corks, and some have twist off caps?

Outline of “When Truth Falls Apart”

Main Claim: Maria Bustillos is stating that news is the media is being spun away from fact and towards misinformation and that the general public can be persuaded to believe what we “wish” to believe that isn’t actual fact.

Reason 1: There was no connection between Iraq and 9/11.

Reason 2: The use of dismediation by the Swift Boaters to discredit John Kerry in the 2004 election by making insinuations and twisting facts.

Reason 3: What news programs can you really believe? Is NPR more reliable than MSNBC news

Reason 4: The success of dismediation projects making it possible for people to be unable to weigh and identify facts, thus leading to the rise of Trump.

Reason 5: The use of social media to spread false stories as a way to seed doubt and to make it incapable as a democratic platform abroad in places such as Russia and China

Reason 6: Trump



“When Truth Falls Apart”

“When Truth Falls Apart”, by Maria Bustillos is an article about the widespread use of disinformation in the media today.  The author’s main claim is that this widespread disinformation and dismediation  has allowed for campaigns such as the Bush and Trump presidential campaigns to be successful. (The article was written before Trump was elected and she felt that he would fail at becoming president because of his stupidity).

Things that made me curious…

  1. How do you feel about dogs?
  2. Should animals be allowed on the sofa?
  3. Should boxer’s tails and ears be clipped?
  4. My dad always says Kolt has a face only a mother could love. What do you think this means?
  5. Should dogs be bred to have certain traits?


  1. What is art?
  2. What do you see in this sculpture?
  3. Why do people interpret art differently?
  4. How does art make you feel?
  5. Do you pay attention to art around town/campus or just pass it by?

  1. What do you think about knitting?
  2. What is the point of buying a skein of yarn and having to roll it into a ball yourself?
  3. Why don’t the just sell it sold as a ball?
  4. How did people come up with the idea of take 2 sticks and winding fabric around it to make something?
  5. Is it worth the time and effort to make something yourself, or it it easier (and cheaper!) to go to the store and buy it?

Freewrite #3

What should we think about? Why is it good for us to think about these things?

We should think about everything. We should think about ways to improve ourselves and ways to help other people. We should think about how fortunate we are and how bad life can be for others. We should be thankful for the little things in life.  We should think about the way things work and why things are the way there are, and if you don’t like the way things are think of changing the way it is. It is good to think about these things to avoid being narrow minded and to broaden our horizons. I really suck at typing on this little keyboard. I’m spending more time fixing spelling mistakes than anything else. Next time I should write and take a picture. Ha ha. It is important to think and to learn new things. I had a Latin teacher in high school who said he couldn’t sleep at night if he didn’t learn something new that say and that has always stuck with me and I try to learn a new fact or bit of knowledge every day. It is also good to think about how our actions affect other people and to be conscious of the fact that you never know what is going on in other peoples lives.