Hello there! My name is Sara Weinstein, and I wanted to share a little bit about my prior education, my career, and me personally.

I received my Master’s Degree in Higher Education – Student Affairs Leadership in 2018 from The University of Houston-Victoria and my undergraduate degree in English from The University of Mary Washington in 2014. I am now working towards a Doctorate in Educational Leadership at Virginia Commonwealth University.  Hopefully, that will be completed in 2023.

I have worked professionally in Higher Education since 2016 and in college, I spent more time in the Student Life office than I did anywhere else. After I graduated from college for some reason I did not see Higher Education as an actual career path. It was just something I had a lot of fun doing as an undergrad. I immediately started working in event planning and while I enjoyed it, something was missing. I decided to move to Texas and work with The American Cancer Society. The job was a mix of fundraising and event planning. Again, I enjoyed what I did – but something was missing. One day I found a job posting for a GA position at the local University and I instantly knew that was what had been missing. I applied and it has been a crazy ride since then. You can check out my resume on the Work Experience page!

Outside of education and work, I am married, love movies, and have three dogs that I am a little obsessed with. The first picture is of Auri. My husband and I found her when she was about two months old; she is now five. She loves to play with sticks and dig holes. The second picture is of Buddy. We also found him and took him in when he was about six weeks old; he is now four. The third picture is of Chloe. We adopted her when she was a little over a month old, because who doesn’t want three dogs? She is now three. We refer to the three of them as our ABC’s.

My oldest pup, Auri


I am looking forward to where this educational journey will take me, and I am excited to share it with you.