Lost in Thoughts

Life is a mystery, and with that being said sometimes I feel like it is my thinking process as well. When I’m pondering, it’s always a scary moment for me. What goes through my head is a sequence of events from myself as a child, to potentially what my future will be like/what I want it to be like. It’s amazing really what memories come back, and I feel really nostalgic. Time flies, and what goes through my mind is thoughts from the past, and thoughts about the future. Every time I am thinking, Calvin and Hobbs is the reminder of what or how I should compose myself. Lessons of truth, lessons of happiness, life is too short to feel unhappy.

I think night time is dark so you can imagine your fears with less distraction” – CalvinĀ 


Calvin and Hobbs Life Calvin and Hobbs the Future

One thought on “Lost in Thoughts”

  1. Hi Virinchi,
    I enjoyed reading your post and I like the cartoons you chose to illustrate your thoughts. I totally agree with you–it’s really interesting how one memory leads to another. You may not have realized it when you wrote this post, but I bet after you read As We May Think, you started thinking about those associative trails, right? You really got at Bush’s main point right there!

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