Progress Report/Research Reflection

Two weeks have already flown by and I have a few topics in mind that I can definitely use. I always like to talk about military topics, and ideas. But of late, space, NASA, extraterrestrial beings, and such kinds of topics have really been interesting. The first research that made me realize I want to study something relating space was when I was brainstorming for my inquiry project. When I was throwing ideas out there I thought out NASA and space.


Creating an interest inventory further pushed my ideas about space. It was also during this time that my dad came home and told me that there was a channel just for NASA. Launches are very minimal these days but fortunately NASA shows some old launches. ¬†Why does the media not show any information about what Hubble or ISS is doing? They are always showing some kinds of war or politics. Space exploration is at an all time low, and news is very minimal about such. The works for space exploration revolves around the work ethics between man and machines. Without effort from both sides, there never would have been any kinds of missions, or even creation of satellites for us to use to watch TV, internet, and cellphones. We would have never gotten any images either. It’s crazy how much space has done for us.


2 thoughts on “Progress Report/Research Reflection”

  1. Hey Virinchi,
    Personally, I think it could be super fascinating to study the NASA channel that you mention in your post! People are always saying that nobody pays attention to NASA anymore–people don’t watch the launches and their work doesn’t get the kind of press that it once did. I wonder why that is the true?

    Why are people less interested in the work that NASA does today?

    That is just ONE way to frame this topic. There are tons of other questions you might ask about this topic. What are you thinking? Please reply!

    1. I want to know why the media sometimes portrays NASA and space exploration as a waste of money because there are many planets and universes that can be explored as well! Finding another planet where we could venture to and colonize might be a couple of hundreds of years away. I want to know how any space missions that are being operated benefit our lives with technology, and how we revolve around space exploration as well.

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