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The Earth is only a very minuscule part of our galaxy, and our universe. Back in the 1960s to early 2000s, the Space Program was one of the biggest and most popular ideas in the world. The Cold War consisted of a Space Race, with countries competing technologically to outlast each other. It was one of the most innovative time periods of our lives. NASA grew, and private companies developed pieces to define the space race, such as working on motors and heavy mathematics to further push our intellect.

Recently, we have not heard of any major discoveries or explorations. One idea that was last flirted with was exploring Mars and colonizing it. But as time went own, and budget cuts were initiated seriously from the Obama Administration, the future of NASA and space exploration has been in question.


As the world seems to be focusing on weapon technology and advancement of our kind, the space exploration period was the most innovative of the 20th century.  I want to see how has NASA interacted with the public and gained awareness of the public from the beginning of NASA’s creation (1958), to present day. With technology growing at the rapid time it is, it is important to understand how the space race furthered math, science, and the world of technology. There is definitely a lot going on that needs to be covered and understood, and it is time to revive the Space Race.

Space race

3 thoughts on “Inquiry Project Proposal”

  1. I do not quite understand what your question is. I also am unsure of why you are interested in this topic. Your topic could have the potential of being interesting and unique but you don’t seem very persuasive to the “judges”. How can you relate this to new media? Are people tweeting about this, making Facebook posts, posting this is magazines… anywhere other than the news?

  2. I too was a bit confused by what you wished to discuss. Understanding why NASA no longer receives funding is an interesting topic, but you must go into greater detail as to what about NASA you wish to explore as far as “what’s going on up there.” Great potential, but reword your question.

  3. Hey Virinchi,
    I’m basically with the first two commenters on this. This sounds like it could be very interesting, but I’m not seeing a clear question, but also, I’m not seeing any connection to new media. Since we have our conference in just a few minutes, I’ll save the rest of my comments for that:)

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