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While finding tweets seemed like a difficult task at hand, it actually turned out to be a good experience. I am a regular user of twitter, posting thoughts and voicing my opinions on the regular.

Finding people who have some kind of relativity to my post was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I found people talking about technology and security a lot. For what I am studying and researching, security and the use of technology is a huge topic, especially with me having to dig deep for security and research during the Cold War. Twitter is a use of an application that can be so beneficial for communication, research, and connecting with individuals about anything.

Receiving feedback, I was kind of worried if I would get any. The reason was that I thought my topic was out in the ballpark but it’s surprising how they’re close.

Tweet 1

The last thing I imagined was someone sending me a tweet with an article explaining to me about my topic to help me out with research. This is because I saw a lot of people interacting with each other and I didn’t know if my post would be relevant.

Tweet 2


At first, I thought that security wasn’t going to be a big issue until I was interacting with ┬áSymone Allen. The conversation made me realize that the Cold War had many security issues and alerts that both NASA and the USA were trying to take care of. Security is massive way to understand how technology changed over time, and how the public were able to see what NASA was doing.

Tweet 3

In order to fully understand how media has changed over the years, Justin Tubbs and I conversed about our topics. While none of ours the same, we have similarities about how research will be done. How media and technology changed overtime are related. From newspapers, to the internet, to the iphone, to the high-tech plasma and high definition TVs.

Needless to say, I am excited for all this research.


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  1. Great work! I’m so glad that Twitter was helpful for you! This is exactly what I hoped would happen!

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