Reflective Writing for Concept Experience #5

When I first read the assignment and its directions, it reminded me of a book. The reason is because a book can be so bland, and boring sometimes. When a kid is reading a book for the first time, there are many images that make it easier to conceptualize and comprehend what one is reading. Just because we might have grown up and gotten older does not mean that we’re having difficulties of comprehension. For example, when someone was reading that Facebook article, how does that someone know what an algorithm is? That’s when you insert a hyperlink or a video to make comprehension much simpler. This is what I thought about going into the assignment, making an article more comprehensible but also add some humor to it that people think that’s going on in society today.

When I am editing an article and making it more flamboyant by adding links, images, pictures, videos, or gifs, I make sure that they are in specific locations. When there is a word that no one understands, I add a link to that word so that the reader can understand exactly what it means. When there is a video that is similar to the article I will add that in too. When I use gifs and pictures, they tend to be jocular, serious, or an image that displays of what the object may be or something artistic. Every time I do this to an article, it’s not that I have 5 specific ones that stand out, but rather they should all standout.

Now that I made this article more interesting, when I do my Inquiry Project I will follow the similar steps. If I wrote a bunch of paragraphs and through them into a messy paper that is uploaded to this blog, it’ll look very depressing. This is why I will be having many images, links, videos, and gifs. I will do this inorder to not only gain the readers awareness, but to make it more interesting and fun. If someone really wanted to read about my topic they could’ve gone to the internet or asked me to write a paper instead. But to gain peoples views, and to make this all very exciting, I will add as much as I can. One thing I definitely need to learn is how to embed videos into my blog, because I seem to be having problems with that, as well as adding gifs. But by the time my final product comes around, you will definitely be impressed.


One thought on “Reflective Writing for Concept Experience #5”

  1. Hey Virinchi,

    This is a good reflection on the concept experience. I’d really like to know more about your plans for your inquiry project. Yes, of course you will use links and images and videos, but what ELSE will you do that will really make your project your own and make it stand out? Can you find an example of something on the internet that you would like to use as a model in terms of the visual appeal of your project? That was one thing I think I asked everyone to do in this assignment.

    To embed a video, it’s easy! Just start a post and copy and paste the URL into it. Be sure that you do NOT create a link with the URL though. Click publish. That’s it. Now you know how to do this:)

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